‘Ted Lasso’: How Will They Wrap Things Up in the Final Season?

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Ted Lasso is gearing up for its third and potentially final season at Apple TV+, and while production continues, we can’t help but wonder where the show will lead.

Should the series conclude with its third round, there are quite a few central plots that would need to be satisfyingly tied up before we said farewell to Richmond. Below, we’re breaking a few of them down.

Ted’s Mental Health Journey

While Ted Lasso’s (Jason Sudeikis) happy demeanor is his most defining characteristic, one layer to his story over the seasons has been his mental health journey. In Season 1, viewers saw a glimpse of challenges, such as turning to alcohol in low moments like when he’s served divorce papers and panic attacks. Things got more intense in Season 2, and Ted began addressing his traumas through chats with Dr. Sharon Fieldstone (Sarah Niles). Ted experienced a bit of a setback when Nate (Nick Mohammed) publicly outed his panic attacks, so only time will tell how the coach is doing emotionally. Hopefully, a turning point is on the horizon.

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Rebecca’s Conflict With Rupert

Since the series debuted, Rebecca’s (Hannah Waddingham) main motivation was to get back at her cheating ex-husband Rupert (Anthony Head). She hired Ted as a way to sabotage the team Rupert loved, in the hopes that he’d be destroyed by her actions. Ultimately, her kindness won out and she opted for friendship and positivity with her colleagues. In Season 2, Rupert gifted Rebecca with his remaining shares of AFC Richmond and she initially took it as a gesture of goodwill. By Season 2’s end though, we discovered his motivation was to back a new club.

In order for Rebecca’s initial storyline to come full circle, she’ll need some closure on her conflict with Rupert. Thankfully, Hannah Waddingham has already hinted at some powerful moments for Rebecca in Season 3. “When we see Rebecca again, she’s a boss ass b—h,” the actress told Deadline. “She’s 100 percent boss ass b—h and then some. She’s fully there because she wants to be and there’s a change in her that I think was much needed. She’s leading that group of players and wants the best for them.”

In terms of Rebecca’s personal life, Waddingham added, “It’s delicious chaos as usual. That’s life, right? You never have everything sorted.”

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A Resolution With Nate

When Ted first arrived at AFC Richmond’s pitch, he met Nate Shelley and the pair bonded as the kit man was shown respect by the new coach. Season 1 really focused on Ted’s kindness and belief in Nate as a team member, leading to Nate’s promotion to assistant coach. Sadly, Season 2 took a negative turn in their friendship as Nate grew resentful of the fact that he was no longer the object of Ted’s attention as often as he had been. Feeling neglected, he allowed his desire to feel powerful take over and ultimately draw him away from AFC Richmond.

While Season 2 may have become Nate’s villain origin story, the show’s final season would have to serve as his redemption arc. There’s no other option. Thankfully, Mohammed teased a change in Nate in an interview with Fatherly. “Obviously, we’re at a point at the beginning of Season 3 where there’s gonna be a lot of people who dislike Nate,” the actor shared. “That was the trick with Season 2, taking a character everyone loved and making you hate him! But, we’re only partway through filming Season 3. And all I can say is it won’t be more of the same. Nate will change again in Season 3.”

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The Roy-Keeley-Jamie Dynamic

While we wouldn’t necessarily classify the dynamic between Roy (Brett Goldstein), Keeley (Juno Temple), and Jamie (Phil Dunster) as a love triangle, their stories have been intricately entwined since Season 1. Although Keeley began the series in a relationship with Jamie, she eventually found herself drawn to Roy, who supported her driven attitude. Season 2 focused on Roy and Keeley’s relationship and the burdens it faced with her growing career.

So, in many ways, what’s next for this trio revolves around their career successes and ability to look ahead instead of at their rocky pasts together. Jamie and Roy had previously been foes, but they grew to be almost friends in Season 2 as Roy saw Jamie’s vulnerable side with his father. Even when the latter admitted his lingering love for Keeley, Roy couldn’t completely hate him. With Keeley focusing on her new PR ventures, Temple told The Hollywood Reporter, “She has been someone that a lot of people may have thought would be very different, so it’s a lesson that you should never judge others by our covers. You’ve got to get to know somebody. I hope that Keeley finds happiness and that she finds it completely with herself.”

What would you like to see wrapped up in the show’s final season? Let us know in the comments section below.

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