Maya Rudolph on Why New Series ‘Loot’ Is So Fun: ‘It’s Nothing Like Reality’ (VIDEO)

Rich people problems were never so funny – and solving them was never so heartfelt.

In Loot, billionaire Molly Novak (Maya Rudolph) lives in a bubble – a private jet, a giga-yacht, a mansion (some scenes were shot at an outrageously luxurious Los Angeles spec house known as “The One”). Her world falls apart when she discovers that her husband (Adam Scott) of 20 years is having an affair. She spirals, and the tabloids pounce.

Says Rudolph. “It’s so fun because it’s nothing like reality. She does not live in the reality that I know.”

One day, crying in her candy room (yes, she has one) she’s surprised to learn she has a charity foundation run by practical Sofia Salinas (Michaela Jaé Rodriguez), who begs Molly to chill before her headline-making antics hurt the nonprofit. Molly does one better and decides to go to this strange thing called work. The two women end up needing each other…at least sometimes.

“Molly has always needed a Sofia in her life. No one has ever said no to her,” says Rudolph. And Rodriguez offers that her workaholic character benefits from someone who actually enjoys weekends, saying, “Molly takes the edge off Sofia.”

The women’s efforts to save the world are supported by Molly’s stylish, devoted assistant Nicholas (Joel Kim Booster), who is at first horrified by the nonprofit world; her optimistic, open-hearted cousin Howard (Ron Funches); and a reserved accountant, Arthur (Nat Faxon).

“There are a lot of qualities in Molly that Arthur admires and wants to be around. Her energy, her positivity, her socialness,” says Faxon. “He gets guidance from these two guys in coming out of his shell to express his true feelings for Molly.”

But will Molly’s journey of self-discovery be self-serving, or serve others? Let’s just say she takes some hilarious left turns on her way to doing the right thing.

Loot, Series Premiere, Friday, June 24, Apple TV+

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