‘Tehran’: Yulia Lays Down the Law With Glenn Close’s Marjan in Finale First Look (VIDEO)

Tehran‘s second season is coming to a close with the finale episode, “Blood Funeral,” and we have your exclusive first look at the action with a preview clip.

In the segment, Marjan (Season 2’s major asset Glenn Close) has a discussion with Yulia (Sara von Schwarze) about what to do next. “Moving on the men at his son’s funeral, it will be a diplomatic nightmare,” Yulia warns Marjan. “Wars have been started for less.”

The mission is to take out Mohammadi (Vassilis Koukalani) and Marjan is determined to find her direct path to the individual. “As soon as Sepah finds out how Peyman died, we will never have this kind of access to Mohammadi again,” Marjan defends, pushing for the mission to continue.

Tehran Season 2 Finale Sara von Schwarze

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As Yulia weighs this option, she tells Marjan, “He’s a broken man. If you play it right, we could cut a quick deal with him through the Americans.” But Marjan isn’t satisfied with Yulia’s attempt at a compromise. “He will not break, he will not back down. That is a professional opinion. He is not the type,” Marjan states.

When Yulia says she knows the type of person Mohammadi is, Marjan takes this thought and runs with it as she says, “You know what he’s capable of unless we eliminate him.” The attempt to prove her point renders useless as Marjan’s hopes are dashed away with a single statement.

“My answer is no. You had your chance Marjan,” Yulia tells her over the phone. “You had more than one and failed. Worse even, you made a mess. Begin evacuation protocols immediately. That’s final.” See Marjan’s full reaction, above, and tune into the season finale to find out if the mission is a total bust or not when it drops on Apple TV+.

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