‘Tehran’: Glenn Close’s New Character Is Questioned in First Look (VIDEO)

Tehran is welcoming a new star to its cast for Season 2 as Glenn Close joins the ensemble of Apple TV+‘s drama.

The Oscar-nominated actress steps in as Dr. Marjan Montazemi, a psychoanalyst, who is coming into question by Iran’s police force in a first look. Set to premiere Friday, May 6, Tehran Season 2 follows Tamar (Niv Sultan), a Mossad hacker-agent who infiltrates Tehran under a false identity to help destroy Iran’s nuclear reactor.

When Tamar’s mission fails though, she must plan an operation that will place everyone she cares about in jeopardy. As teased in the show’s Season 2 trailer, Dr. Montazemi is an ally to Tamar as they team up on the shared mission.

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But with covert activities comes suspicions, which Dr. Montazemi seems to experience in the exclusive sneak peek clip, above. As Dr. Montazemi walks through the halls of the hospital she’s serving at, security asks her for a hospital ID.

“I have a visitor pass. Here you go,” she tells them, but they don’t seem satisfied with the answer and ask her to accompany them somewhere else. Thankfully for Dr. Montazemi, the hospital’s director steps in and defends her.

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'Tehran' Season 2 Trailer: 'We're Going Into the Valley of the Beast, Can You Handle It?' (VIDEO)

Apple TV+'s International Emmy-winning spy thriller adds Glenn Close to its cast in the second season.

“Sir, let her go, please. That’s Dr. Marjan Montazemi. She’s a specialist. She came on my invitation,” the hospital director explains. As the director asserts his role of power within the hospital he also calls Dr. Montazemi one of Iran’s top psychoanalysts.

But as teased in the clip, above, that’s not the only thing happening as scenes cut to a darkened corridor where someone is walking around with a phone flashlight in hand. Could it be Tamar? Check out the full segment and tune into Tehran‘s second season to find out.

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