‘Dr. Ken’: Can Ken Get A Patient’s Lawsuit To Go Away? (VIDEO)

ABC/Nicole Wilder
DR. KEN - "Ken's Apology" - When Ken wants to apologize to a patient for missing an important medical detail, Pat advises against it, and the situation gets out of hand. Meanwhile, D.K. shakes things up at Dave's parent/teacher conference, on FRIDAY, DECEMBER 9 (8:31-9:00 p.m. EST), on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Nicole Wilder) TISHA CAMPBELL MARTIN, JONATHAN SLAVIN, KEN JEONG

This week’s episode of Dr. Ken takes on a side of the medical profession not typically associated with comedy: patient lawsuits. The ABC sitcom goes for laughs when a suit is filed against Dr. Ken Park (Ken Jeong, pictured above with Tisha Campbell-Martin and Jonathan Slavin). Though his sardonic boss, Pat (Dave Foley), suggests Ken just let the lawyers handle it, he just can’t let it go and wants to do right but the patient in question.

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In this clip, watch as Ken hears about the lawsuit for the first time and attempts to figure out what he can try to do to get to the bottom of fixing the issue. Will he make matters better or worse?

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