‘The Book of Queer’ Sets Dominique Jackson, Leslie Jordan, Alex Newell, Ross Mathews as Narrators (VIDEO)

Dominique Jackson, Leslie Jordan, Alex Newell, Ross Mathews
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Queer history is coming to Discovery+The Book of Queer will debut in June on the streaming service with icons of the LGBTQIA+ community set to narrate. POSE‘s very own Mother Elektra, Dominique Jackson, Leslie Jordan (Call Me Kat), Alex Newell (Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist), and Ross Mathews (RuPaul’s Drag Race) will narrate the comedic documentary series, Discovery+ announced April 27.

They will join the previously announced Margaret Cho as narrators. Each will narrate one episode, starting with Newell in the series premiere, followed by Cho in Episode 2, Mathews in Episode 3, Jordan in Episode 4, and Jackson in the Episode 5 finale.

The Book of Queer‘s five episodes “will pull the rainbow curtain back on a variety of historical figures,” introducing viewers to historical figures they probably didn’t know were queer. From history’s most celebrated artists to American presidents, there is a heck of a lot to learn. The series will debut June 2 in honor of Pride month. And of course, musical numbers will be involved.

Get a first look at Discovery+’s The Book of Queer, below.

The Book of Queer is comprised of an entirely queer ensemble cast and over a dozen scholars of queer history. Together, they’ll recreate LGBTQIA+ history — think Drunk History, but sober and with original musical numbers. Yup, each episode will conclude with an original song and music video performed by queer artists including Betty Who, VINCINT, Shawnee Kish, Mila Jam, and Kaleena Zanders. Basically, it’s Drunk History meets Drag Race meets Schoolhouse Rock. I’m so there, it’s insane.

“Visibility and representation are vital to affecting change, and The Book of Queer series celebrates some of history’s most world-changing heroes, whose stories and contributions have been erased, marginalized, or straightwashed throughout the years,” Discovery+ describes. “The narratives will be curated by award-winning historian and Pulitzer Prize finalist Dr. Eric Cervini and other experts. Blending comedy with social impact, the series will use witty recreations to bring each of the stories to life with a modern tone and feature interviews with revered queer historians and experts who are as colorful as the rainbow flag.”

“To celebrate the LGBTQ+ community, we are setting the historical record straight and introducing The Book of Queer right at the top of Pride Month,” Howard Lee, President of TLC Streaming and Network Originals, said in a statement. “We couldn’t be any more excited to have Margaret Cho, Leslie Jordan, Dominique Jackson, Alex Newell, Ross Matthews as well as an impressive and talented group of historians, actors and musicians spilling the tea alongside us.”

The Book of Queer Discovery+


The Book of Queer performers include Drag Race stars Miss Vanjie, GOTTMIK, and Kim Chi, plus TikTok stars Chris Olsen, Tell Williams, and Rob Anderson.

Additional cast members include Riley Westling, Alejandra Cejudo, Bennie Oldham, Donzell Lewis, Nikcoma Lee Mahkewa, Griffin Kelly, Jasmine Raphael, Dennis Renard, Nate Timmerman, Jill Bennett, Ryan Symantel, Gracie Cartier, Bri Giger, Marval Rex, Marlon Meikle, Ashlei Shyne, Sayrie, Juliana Joel, Lina Green, Sheena Georges, and Eliza Blair.

Prof. Susan Stryker, Prof. Lillian Faderman, Prof. Jenn Jackson, Blair Imani, Prof. Michael Young, Prof. Stephanie Larson, Kevin Quin, Miriam Kamil, LZ Granderson, Prof. Mar Hicks, Prof. Kara Cooney, Souksavanh Keovorabouth, Dr. Christine Axen, Prof. Thomas Balcerski, Prof. Gary Ferguson, and Prof. David Green serve as the series’ historians.

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