‘Speechless’: JJ Goes on a Dating Dry Run With Ray (VIDEO)


When we last left JJ Dimeo (Micah Fowler) of ABC’s sitcom Speechless, he was getting along really well with Claire (McKaley Miller), a new classmate who is getting around in a wheelchair after pushing herself a little too far to excel in sports. Of course, once JJ’s overprotective mother Maya (Minnie Driver) gets wind that there’s a new girl in her son’s life, she takes over every aspect of date planning, including setting up a dry run.

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And who does Maya recruit to play Claire? JJ’s younger brother Ray (Mason Cook), giving him a wheelchair and wig to complete the effect, as this clip from Wendesday night’s episode shows. Of course, Maya isn’t just trying to make sure JJ has a nice date—she wants him to score. So the entire Dimeo family, including dad Jimmy (John Ross Bowie), sister Dylan (Kyla Kenedy) and caretaker Kenneth (Cedric Yarbrough), is in on the weirdness.

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