‘Supergirl’s Jeremy Jordan on a Winn-Lose Predicament

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Jeremy Jordan’s Winn is in deep Schott! As the secret tech power behind James Olson’s (Mehcad Brooks) masked street fighter Guardian, Jordan’s gadget guy is both facilitating a life-or-death game of vigilantism in National City and complicit in a lie that is so not going to sit well with Kara (Melissa Benoist) or his fellow DEO members.

“Oh absolutely,” agrees the actor. “From episode 5 where Winn agreed to help James [because] they both have this feeling that they need to do something more, there is that trepidation [that this is risky].” Explaining that Winn understands the perils of trying to save the day a bit more than James, having been Kara’s sidekick since she first took flight, Jordan says that we “will see over the next few episodes that it becomes a lot more difficult for Winn to maintain this double identity.” Especially since, as Jordan puts it, “Winn is really bad at lying” and someone within the team’s ranks may suspect that he’s hiding something. “It becomes really murky.”

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“Oh yeah…that can’t be good.”

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And not just murky: Murderous. In this week’s episode, while Kara deals with Cadmus’ Cyborg Superman, James and Winn are swept up in a deadly case of mistaken identity and criminal allegations after someone is killed by a lookalike vigilante. “Somebody has copied my costume and decided to become the anti-Guardian,” continues Jordan. “Whether or not they are trying to smear him or just get away with posing as him remains to be seen…but we have to clear his name.”

It won’t be easy, what with the hooked-on-heroics James “thinking less with his head and more with his heart at this point,” and the cops closing in. “Winn just wants to get out, it’s getting too real and messy. Somebody is going to get hurt or go to jail,” he says, adding with a laugh that “if they get to James, they are going to get to Winn. That’s what it’s really about!

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As for Winn’s other entanglements, Jordan was surprised to hear that executive producer Andrew Kreisberg recently told TV Insider that “we might be seeing more” of Winn and Lena Luthor (Katie McGrath). “That is news to me!” he offered. “It’s hard to say, but if there is stuff between us, it won’t be for a while.”

Let’s just hope it’s not because someone is off doing time in the Phantom Zone for deceiving Kara all these weeks!

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