‘The Gilded Age’: 7 of the Show’s Pettiest Characters, Ranked

The Gilded Age Katie Finneran, Carrie Coon, Christine Baranski
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The Gilded Age is all about the upstairs and downstairs drama on HBO, and while everyone is guilty of stirring up a little chaos, there are a select few who know how to turn the metaphorical knife just right.

Whether it’s making grand gestures to embarrass others or leaving individuals out of inner-circle gatherings with the intent of keeping statuses down, The Gilded Age‘s many characters can be ruthless when they want to be. Below, we’re reflecting on some of the pettiest characters and ranking them based on their action over trivial matters.

The Gilded Age Blake Ritson and Kelley Curran

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7. Oscar Van Rhijn (Blake Ritson)

The son of Agnes (Christine Baranski), Oscar lives a double life in high society, enjoying private time with his lover during the evening hours and calculating his latest plan to secure a match with the city’s richest prospect. When he backs down from pursuing Gladys Russell (Taissa Farmiga), he realizes the error in his ways and employs the work of Turner (Kelley Curran) to be his spy inside the Russell house. While calculated, he isn’t exactly the pettiest individual viewers have come across in the series, landing him at the back of this ranked pack.

6. Turner (Kelley Curran)

A servant in the Russell house, Turner has her sights set on Mr. Russell (Morgan Spector), but he’s not falling for her advances. Already her frustrations have come into question by the rest of the staff, and now that she’s getting involved in Mr. Van Rhijn’s scheming, it’s clear she doesn’t take the rejection lightly, proving that it’s not just the rich who are petty.

The Gilded Age Season 1 Carrie Coon and Morgan Spector

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5. George Russell (Morgan Spector)

George Russell can be petty for sure, but mostly in the name of love and business. Along with being outcasts within society for their “new money” status, the Russells are also able to manipulate and mess with others through business means. Whether it’s buying up all the stock at a charity sale or squandering portions of his own fortune to get even with his colleagues, George doesn’t back down from a fight.

4. Aurora Fane (Kelli O’Hara)

Agnes’ niece by marriage, Aurora Fane (Kelli O’Hara) was initially petty about including Bertha Russell (Carrie Coon) in any of the womens’ social activities or events, but she wised up following the death of Mr. Morris (Michel Gill) when her own husband chided her for her petty behavior for fear they’d end up in a similar predicament as the Morris’.

The Gilded Age Kelli O'Hara

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3. Agnes Van Rhijn (Christine Baranski)

Perhaps Agnes isn’t as petty as she is snooty, but her eagerness to exclude anyone from her home or circle due to their status is not so nice. Whether it’s judging niece Marian’s (Louisa Jacobson) choices in a potential suitor or friends around town, Agnes is more than willing to stick her nose in other peoples’ business if she deems fit. Her words can be cutting, which lands her in a top spot among some of the show’s pettiest.

2. Bertha Russell (Carrie Coon)

There’s only one thing keeping this Queen Bee of pettiness from the top spot and it’s her willingness to work with others. Sure, Bertha can be extremely petty, getting her husband George involved when things don’t go her way, but she’s just trying to climb the social ladder. Perhaps, a little acceptance could keep her from behaving so badly?

1. Anne Morris (Katie Finneran)

Pettiness got the best of Mrs. Morris (Katie Finneran) who lands in the top spot due to her stubbornness against Bertha. Anne’s unwillingness to include Bertha for the sake of social standing is just one of the contributing factor’s to her husband’s suicide, proving that pettiness doesn’t pay off.

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