‘Gold Rush: White Water’: The Crew Deals With a Blown Engine in Sneak Peek (VIDEO)

The gold miners are hitting a setback in the latest episode of Gold Rush: White Water and we have your exclusive first look at the action from Discovery‘s hit series.

In the Season 5 episode, work underwater turns dangerous quickly when an engine stops functioning properly and threatens to dismantle the hard work of Fred, his son Dustin, and the rest of the team. As a dig takes place beneath the water, the equipment issue quickly makes itself known to those above and below ground.

Gold Rush: White Water Season 5

(Credit: Discovery)

“Carlos is over four hours into an epic dive,” the series narrator reveals. On land, Dustin oversees the activities, “I think he’s down about nine feet right now, he can’t hear me because that comm’s broke. There’s no way for me to talk to him,” Dustin explains.

In the murky depths, Carlos skims the bottom of the rushing water and clears a path in hopes of uncovering more gold. “C’mon baby, get some gold,” Dustin prays aloud, knowing Carlos can’t hear him. But when a mic from underwater catches Carlos saying he can’t breathe, Dustin and the others on land notice the engine to the compressor, which provides air, has malfunctioned.

“Get the f**k outta there,” Dustin says, willing Carlos to emerge from the dark waters. Will he escape potential disaster? Check out the full clip above, and don’t miss the rest of the episode when it airs on Discovery and streams on discovery+.

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