‘The Woman in the House’: 5 Reasons to Tune Into Netflix’s Mystery Thriller

The Woman in the House - Kristen Bell
Colleen e. Hayes/Netflix

Do you love true crime? Are mysteries your bread and butter? Is the absurd an ideal ingredient to your television viewing experience? Then Netflix‘s The Woman in the House Across the Street From the Girl in the Window should be your next binge.

The eight-episode limited series starring Kristen Bell has officially dropped, and we’re breaking down a few quick reasons why it’s worth tuning into this twisty psychological thriller.

The Woman in the House Kristen Bell

(Credit: Colleen E. Hayes/Netflix)

Tropes Galore

Hallmark might be known for hitting the romance tropes, but this wacky story hits almost every crime trope ranging from witnessing a potential murder to following suspects down an all-consuming whodunit rabbit hole. The show’s suburban setting where Bell’s character Anna also drives her manic domestic routine that is accompanied by bottles and bottles of wine and pills.

Top-Notch Casting

The stars at the center of this series know what they’re doing when it comes to the unique material the show utilizes. While Bell’s a seasoned pro at the mystery genre from her years on Veronica Mars, Tom Riley and Michael Ealy make perfect scene partners as Anna’s neighbor Neil and ex-husband Douglas. Keeping up with them all is Neil’s daughter Emma played by Samsara Yett and Mary Holland as Anna’s overly concerned bestie Sloane. And keep your eyes peeled for a few surprise players throughout the season.

The Woman in the House Kristen Bell and Mary Holland

(Credit: Colleen E. Hayes/Netflix)

A Solid Mystery

There are too many twists and turns in this story which revolves around Anna believing she’s witnessed a murder, to keep you from picking up on what’s actually happening, which can’t always be said when it comes to mysteries. While some experts might catch onto the story unfolding a bit quicker than less practiced viewers, the intrigue is part of what keeps you watching.

It’s Hilarious

The show leans a bit into crime and mystery stereotypes, as mentioned, above, but in doing so, things get a little absurd and over-the-top. Have you seen the show’s full title? Needless to say, there are some seriously funny recurring bits and jokes that are woven into the genre-bending show.

An Interesting Reality

Anna’s world exists in reality, but there are so many fantastical elements you’ll wonder if things are happening for real or just in her head. “One of the exciting parts is you never really know who’s reliable,” Bell told TV Insider before the premiere. “These are twisty and curvy, swervy storylines.” Join her character, Anna, for the mystery unraveling in Netflix’s The Woman in the House which is streaming now on the platform.

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