‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Makes Strange Request After Winning $100,000 Bonus Prize

Wheel of Fortune Contestant Ilene Knebel
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A contestant on Tuesday’s edition of Wheel of Fortune became the first person on Season 39 to win the $100,000 Bonus Round, and she had a rather unusual way of celebrating.

Ilene Knebel from Los Angeles was already having a fantastic night before making it to the Bonus Round, having earned herself $12,000 plus a new car and a trip to the Caribbean. Things only got better from there, as she successfully solved the “Around the House” category puzzle, and host Pat Sajak opened the golden envelope to reveal the $100,000 prize inside.

After the confetti rained down from above, an ecstatic Knebel made a surprising request. “The first thing she said after the confetti came down was ‘Where’s the broom? I want to clean up,'” Sajak revealed to the audience. He then handed her a broom and told her to, “Start sweeping… you’ve got work to do.”

The night was a dream come true for Knebel, who revealed she had been trying to get on the show for at least 30 years. Earlier in the show, she shared that she has worked for the city of Beverly Hills for 25 years, does volunteer work on the side, mentors girl scouts, and delivers food to homebound people on the weekends. She is also a mother of three adult children and has been married for over 20 years.

Viewers were super happy for Knebel on her victory and took to social media to share their reaction to her big win.

“I’m misty eyed that the lady won $100,000 in the #WheelOfFortune bonus round. (Sigh) I’m getting old…,” tweeted one fan, while another added, “I am so happy for Ilene! That is a big win!”

Check our more reaction to Knebel’s amazing Wheel of Fortune success below.

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