‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Sparks Twitter Reaction Over ‘Dumbest Solve Ever’

Wheel of Fortune Puzzle
Wheel of Fortune/YouTube

Wheel of Fortune celebrated its 47th anniversary on Thursday with an episode that had viewers rolling with laughter after one contestant’s hilariously wrong answer.

A contestant named Shafi had quite the night on the long-running game show, stacking up some big money with plenty of correct answers along the way. However, it’s often the incorrect guesses that stick in people’s minds the most, and that was certainly the case here.

In the category for “Song Lyrics,” the puzzle on the board read, “TH_S _AND _AS MADE FOR YOU AND ME,” referencing the famous Woodie Guthrie song “This Land is Your Land.” Shafi had control of the wheel and decided to take a shot at the answer, which seemed fairly obvious to most of those watching at home.

“This band has made for you and me,” Shafi guessed incorrectly, which led to some shocked and baffled reactions on social media. “We may need to implement some sort of test for contestants hereafter,” tweeted one viewer, while another referred to Shafi’s guess as “the dumbest #WheelofFortune solve” ever.

The moment was made even funnier by the keen observation that Shafi sounded exactly like Oscar-winning actor Joe Pesci. “If you’re watching #WheelOfFortune like 28 year old me rn, close your eyes and listen to Shafi speak — it’s actually Joe Pesci,” wrote one fan, a sentiment that was shared by many others.

However, in the end, Shafi had the last laugh, as, despite the mishap, he made it all the way to the Bonus Round — and won! So, the brief moment of embarrassment was probably worth it, given that he ended up walking away with $71,150 in total winnings.

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