Satirical Washington, D.C. Drama From Reporter Olivia Nuzzi in Development at AMC

Olivia Nuzzi on The Daily Show
The Daily Show/Comedy Central

AMC is developing a pitch-black satirical drama set in Washington, DC, from New York magazine reporter Olivia Nuzzi and Killing Eve executive producer Gina Mingacci.

According to Deadline, the project, titled A Message From the State, will follow a young reporter in DC who defects from the mainstream media. Nuzzi is set to write and exec produce alongside Mingacci, who signed an overall deal with AMC Studios in 2020.

Nuzzi is a journalist who serves as the Washington correspondent for New York magazine. She covered some of the biggest stories about Donald Trump during his four-year presidency and was even invited by Trump himself to the Oval Office for an exclusive interview.

She was hired by The Daily Beast in May 2014 while she was still attending Fordham University and moved onto New York magazine in 2017. During her career, she extensively covered the presidential campaigns of Rand Paul, Chris Christie, and Trump. Nuzzi has also written for Politico Magazine, GQ, Esquire, and The Washington Post.

“To stop myself from walking directly into the Potomac while covering the White House and presidential campaign, I started a writing exercise for my own amusement: could this be any funnier and more f***ed up than it already is? The result is the least factual, most honest story I’ve ever told,” Nuzzi said (via Deadline).

Mingacci previously held the position of VP Development and Current Programming at BBC America. She then moved on to Sid Gentle Films, where she executive produced Killing Eve, the dark comedy thriller starring Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer.

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