‘FBI: International’s Heida Reed on Why Jamie & Scott’s Relationship Will Be ‘Painful’ Now

Luke Kleintank as Scott Forrester, Heida Reed as Jamie Kellett in FBI International
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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for FBI: International Episode 10 “Close to the Sun.”]

Special Agent Jamie Kellett (Heida Reed) must contend with an informant using her name after he’s arrested for accessory to murder — and it turns out he’s much higher up in the IRA in Ireland than he let on. In the end, he turns himself in, but not before nearly leading her to her death.

Also in this FBI: International episode, the Office of Professional Responsibility is looking into what happened in Prague (when she helped cover for a young woman who committed murder). And when a grainy photo shows Jamie on the bridge where she tossed the murder weapon, her boss and boyfriend Scott Forrester (Luke Kleintank) covers for her and says she was with him that night. That just gets Agent Porter (Jay Paulson) interested in exactly what capacity. Following that interrogation, Jamie decides she and Scott need to take a break.

Reed discusses Jamie’s decisions in “Close to the Sun.”

After what’s happened and OPR’s questions, does Jamie regret anything about how she went about helping Ella? Not helping her or the end result, but specifically how she got to that point?

Heida Reed: I don’t think that I’ve thought much about regret as Jamie because there hasn’t been enough space for her to think about it. She’s just all go, go, go. I don’t think she spends a lot of time looking back, so I don’t think that she regrets it, but having said that she’s definitely concerned that she doesn’t wanna drag anybody else into her mess. That’s of a great concern for her. She doesn’t want anyone else to become responsible for what she’s done.

Is this the last that we’ll see of Jamie facing questions about what happened with Ella? That photo wasn’t that grainy.

[Laughs] Yeah, and also if you think about travel logs as well. I would be surprised if this would be the last, but who knows? I myself don’t know and I’m quite happy to keep it that way because then if it does come back, it will be kind of like a fresh thing. It’s an interesting thing as the actor playing the role to have it sort of hanging over Kellett’s head because in her mind, I don’t think it is resolved, but she sort of needs to just take it day by day.

Heida Reed as Jamie Kellett, Jay Paulson as Porter in FBI International

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With everything going on, Jamie decides she and Scott should take a break. How are we defining “break” here? Is it truly just taking some time apart or a breakup?

I don’t think she even knows what it is. I think she just needs to press pause in order to sort of gather her head and make sure that nobody else gets swept into this mess. She hasn’t defined it any more than Forrester has.

Something I noticed is that when Jamie was talking to her mother a few episodes back, her mom had said “again” when she’d told her she was dating a coworker, her boss, but that “this time, it feels different.” Does her history factor into Jamie’s concerns at the end of this episode?

Yeah, I think there’s a great care that she has for Forrester. I don’t think Jamie really knows how to do personal life, which is probably why she has a history of dating people she works with. They don’t really have much outside of their work, but I think this time feeling different means that she really, really cares about him, which is why she does what she does. She ultimately is protecting him. I don’t think this is what she really truly wants, but she feels it’s necessary.

Heida Reed as Jamie Kellett, Luke Kleintank as Scott Forrester in FBI International

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What’s Jamie and Scott’s dynamic like coming up? They obviously can keep their professional and personal lives separate, as we’ve seen, but we’ve also only seen them together since that started before the series premiere.

Yeah. It’s gonna be a new path for us to explore is all I’m gonna say.

I really like Jamie taking Vo (Vinessa Vidotto) under her wing.

Yeah, it’s great. Apart from Jaeger [Christiane Paul], there’s two boys, two girls, and I’ve really enjoyed the scenes where I get to sort of show Vo the ropes and it’s just fun to do a female-driven scene sometimes. And it also gets Kellett a chance to really show what she’s made of.

Then there’s everything that happened with Liam (Ryan Watkinson). Is there any sense of betrayal for Jamie if only because he was one of those informants who was “worth it”?

It’s a huge loss in a weirdly kind of like a friendship as well as a deep trust that I think she had specifically for this person who’s helped her a lot throughout the years and vice versa. So it is personal.

Heida Reed as Jamie Kellett in FBI International

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Jamie has all these other contacts, too, so there’s what it means for her with them, too, going forward, trusting them in the same situation.

It doesn’t really help. I think Jamie has a very short kind of leeway when it comes to trust. And so what’s happened in [Episode] 10 really doesn’t help her on the journey of trusting people more.

How’s Tank doing? Scott had mentioned it was too early to tell if he was ready for a fitness for duty exam in this episode. And Tank’s a unique aspect of the show that we don’t see on other procedurals.

Yeah. He’s great. He’s everybody’s pride and joy. It’s so nice to have a canine actor on the show. It’s a definitely a lovely variety. And one of my favorite parts of the day when he comes in.

So are we gonna see him back in the field with the team?

I’m not sure.

What else can you tease about what’s coming up for Jamie?

It’s about now navigating this new relationship with Forrester. There’s a deep friendship, romantic history, but strictly professional at the moment. And I think that’s probably gonna be quite painful for both of them.

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