‘FBI: International’: Can Jamie Trust an Informant? Plus, Heida Reed on Trouble After Prague (VIDEO)

Special Agent Jamie Kellett’s (Heida Reed) move to help a girl a few episodes ago is coming back to bite her in this week’s FBI: International.

As you’ll recall, in Episode 7, “Trying to Grab Smoke,” the team investigated the murder of an American founder of an illegal adults-only site in Prague. When they were led to Ella, whose sister — who was on that site — died by suicide, Jamie had her hide the bag holding the murder weapon and then helped guide her father into confessing. “She felt an affinity with [her] because of what’s happened to her and with her sister in the past,” Reed tells TV Insider. (Jamie lost her sister the same way as Ella.)`

But now, she’s facing questions from Agent Porter (Jay Paulson) in the January 11 episode. He’s “looking into that incident and just basically trying to catch any wrongdoing on Jamie’s part,” Reed teases. (Not only did Jamie have Ella hide the murder weapon, the FBI agent then got rid of it for her.)

Also in “Close to the Sun,” Jamie and the Fly Team head to Northern Ireland after one of her shifty, yet valuable informants, Liam (Ryan Watkinson), turns to her to clear his name after he’s arrested for his connection to a robbery and murder.

“Jamie has, during her time in Europe, sort of collected this kind of motley crew of informants and Liam is an old informant, probably one of her most valuable ones, where she seems to have a slightly deeper relationship than to some of the others perhaps that we’ve seen in the show,” Reed says. “She trusts him. He’s helped her on some major cases in the past. So when he asks for her help, she thinks it’s probably worth it.”

And he might be worth it again. “Liam mentions he might know something about weapons smuggling, which is very much of the FBI’s interest,” she continues. “And so we try and bust that ring.” Watch our clip above for Liam’s explanation as Jamie and Scott Forrester (Luke Kleintank) question him.

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