‘Married at First Sight’: Jasmina Feels ‘Sick’ Before Wedding in First Look (VIDEO)

What would Married at First Sight be without some cold feet? Season 14 of Lifetime‘s reality hit gives bride-to-be Jasmina some lingering doubts in an exclusive sneak peek clip from the show’s latest episode, “Nice Day for a Wicked Wedding.”

Moments before she’s set to walk down the aisle with her expert-selected match, Michael, Jasmina can’t contain her nerves as they manifest in nausea. “Y’all, I’m about to get married, and I just feel sick to my stomach,” she laments, expressing her concerns about participating in the social experiment that sets participants up with a stranger for a spouse.

Married at First Sight Season 14 Michael

(Credit: Lifetime)

“I’m about to throw up,” she continues. The Boston-based single continues to elaborate on her feelings as she addresses viewers in a video confessional. “I have a knot in my throat, I’m so nervous, I’m so scared,” she says, “literally every single emotion just hit me at once.”

But as Jasmina gives voice to her fears, we learn more about the main reasons behind them including worries that she won’t be attracted to her future husband or that he won’t treat her well. “I just hope that the person that I see, I’m attracted to, the person that I see just treats me well.”

She recalls her previous statements leading up to the wedding, claiming she was fine with the big leap ahead of her. But her need to convince everyone that she was fine proved to her that she wasn’t exactly okay.

On the flipside, Michael hopes his bride will be patient as he notes, “I’m making a decision to be vulnerable with somebody, be my full self and put my hundred percent into it.” See how it all plays out in the episode on Lifetime, and in the meantime, catch a sneak peek with the special clip, above.

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