NFL Honors John Madden on First Sunday After His Death

John Madden at TCA Tour
Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

The world of football paid its respects to John Madden on the first Sunday following the NFL icon’s death.

Both Fox and CBS aired separate tribute video packages honoring the Super Bowl-winning coach turned legendary broadcaster. Meanwhile, stadiums across the country observed a moment of silence before Sunday’s NFL games kicked off.

“All around the league, we mourn the loss of the iconic John Madden: coach, broadcaster, and so much more, whose legacy will live forever,” announcer Kenny Albert said on FOX’s broadcast of the Las Vegas Raiders-Indianapolis Colts game (via People).

CBS’s tribute included a section from Madden’s speech at the 2006 Pro Football Hall of Fame induction ceremony. “Some of us think maybe we will be immortal, that we’ll live forever. But when you really think about it, we’re not going to be,” Madden says in the clip. “But I say this: Through this bust in that hall, we will be forever.”

The video also features highlights from Madden’s illustrious career, including some of his most memorable calls in the broadcast booth. “I’ve never worked a day in my life. I went from player to coach to a broadcaster, and I am the luckiest guy in the world,” Madden says in the accompanying voice-over.

Fox Sports: NFL also aired a compilation of some of Madden’s best broadcast moments from over the years, including the fun he had with the telestrator.

Madden passed away last Tuesday at 85-years-old. The former football player turned coach served as the man in charge of the Oakland Raiders for 10 seasons, leading the team to Super Bowl victory in 1976. After retiring from coaching in 1979, Madden joined the broadcast booth, becoming the voice of football for 30 years.