McGruff the Crime Dog Appears In ‘Family Guy’ and Fans Are Loving It

McGruff the Crime Dog and Brian in Family Guy

Family Guy‘s latest Christmas episode had an extra special present for viewers as the long-running Fox sitcom brought McGruff the Crime Dog back to television screens.

McGruff the Crime Dog rose to popularity in the early 1980s in a series of PSA commercials, educating citizens on personal security measures in order to reduce crime. Created by advertising agency Dancer Fitzgerald Sample, McGruff took the form of an animated bloodhound in a large trenchcoat, urging citizens to “take a bite out of crime.”

Sunday’s episode of Family Guy, titled “Christmas Crime,” saw McGruff appear alongside Brian the dog, who was offering his services to Mayor Wild West. “You came to the right guy; I was briefly McGruff’s sidekick,” Brian said as the show did one of its famous cut-aways to an old McGruff commercial with Brian hilariously edited into it.

The PSAs often saw McGruff talking over live-action footage, so Brian naturally slipped into the scene. “I’m Sergeant Bark because I bark at crime,” Brian said as McGruff warned viewers about child abductions.

For decades, McGruff has been a popular figure used in PSAs for topics such as robbery, anti-drug messages, and anti-bullying campaigns. And he is still used today as a mascot for the National Crime Prevention Council, who tweeted about the McGruff and Brian collaboration ahead of Sunday night’s episode.

Fans at home loved the surprise McGruff appearance, with one person on Twitter writing, “Been waiting 23 years for #FamilyGuy to do that McGruff the Crime Dog joke. HAHA, freakin’ nailed it.”

Given all the positive reactions, perhaps Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane should start working on a Brian and McGruff spin-off series. Check out more fan reaction to the McGruff appearance below.

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