3 Reasons to Binge ‘Undercover’ Before Season 3 Premieres on Netflix


Suspense doesn’t get lost in translation on this Dutch-language series about two detectives who infiltrate the world of a drug lord. Here’s why you should catch up before the series returns for Season 3 on January 10.

The thrill of the case

Under pressure and facing sky-high stakes, Bob Lemmens (Tom Waes, above) and shrewd partner Kim De Rooij (Anna Drijver) can butt heads while immersing themselves in this dangerous landscape—a stark contrast to their depressingly normal home lives.

The big bad

Drug kingpin Ferry Bouman (Frank Lammers) has become such a fan favorite, he even received his own prequel movie, Ferry, documenting his origin story. The new season will see him looking to take his empire back, and on a collision course with Bob, who has his own serious set of headaches.

The shocking deaths

Try not to grow too attached to the characters: As Bob goes to extreme lengths to do what the job takes, count on plenty of collateral damage.

Undercover, Season 3, Monday, January 10, Netflix