20 Prime Tweets About 2021’s Most Tweeted-About TV Shows

Squid Game, Game of Thrones, Loki
Noh Juhan/Netflix, HBO, Marvel Studios

As you might expect, the list of most tweeted-about TV shows of 2021 includes some of biggest TV shows of the year. (We could have guessed, for example, that Squid Game would take the top spot!)

But the ranking also includes surprises. People are still atwitter about Game of Thrones two and a half years after the show’s finale—perhaps because Thrones’ first spinoff is nigh, or maybe because The Wheel of Time inevitably draws comparisons to the HBO phenomenon.

In any case, we present to you the most tweeted-about shows, via Variety—along with a sampling of funny tweets about each one.

1. Squid Game

2. WandaVision

3. Sesame Street



4. Saturday Night Live


5. Game of Thrones

6. Jeopardy!

7. Grey’s Anatomy

8. The Simpsons

9. Loki


10. The Walking Dead

Loki - Disney+

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