‘Impractical Jokers’ Turns 10: The Best Celeb Cameos From the Prank Show (VIDEO)

Impractical Jokers guest stars

Joe Gatto, James “Murr” Murray, Brian “Q” Quinn, and Sal Vulcano have been torturing one another with public displays of humiliation for a decade now: Their truTV hidden-camera show, Impractical Jokers, turns 10 on December 15.

But it’s not just those four guys—all part of the improv troupe The Tenderloins—who have brought the funny on Impractical Jokers. The long-running show has hosted dozens of celebrities, too. And some of those stars had to put any Hollywood ego aside and embarrass themselves in the name of comedy!

In honor of the show’s anniversary—and while we wait for Season 10—please enjoy these Top 10 celebrity cameos from the show so far.

Guy Fieri

In one episode, Murr had to heckle the speakers at a Tumblr employee meeting—including guest speaker Guy Fieri, who called in from “Flavortown.” (Murr finally bailed on the stunt after the Tumblr CEO—who was secretly in on the joke—called him an a-hole.)

Buddy Valastro

Speaking of television chefs, this Cake Boss star fired “cake bitch” Q in one episode after catching him talking about “pinching a loaf” at Carlo’s Bakery.

Jameela Jamil

This Good Place actress and Legendary judge played Q’s wife in a grocery store stunt, framing him as a pickpocket and rejecting his advances as other shoppers looked on. (“Can we just shop once without you mauling me?” she asks him at one point as she dodges a kiss.)

Joey Fatone

The ’N Sync member gamely subbed in for Q in one episode, following the cast’s verbal instructions and looking like the world’s worst waiter in the process. Plus, at the end of the stunt, he had to announce to the entire restaurant that he’d, um, had an accident in his pants.

Tristin Mays

The MacGyver actress fooled a fan into thinking that she and Murr had gotten married. (“I used to be attracted to jocks,” Mays told the fan. “Now I’m settling.”)

Howie Mandel

This comedian took time out of his America’s Got Talent schedule to host a live Impractical Jokers special, and he introduced the show’s first-ever live punishment: The guys had to cross a high wire stretched five stories above the streets of New York City.

Danica McKellar

After tricking Murr into thinking he was entering a body-building competition—and getting him to strip down to a Speedo and oil his entire body—the Impactical Jokers guys revealed their ruse. Murr had to interview his childhood crush, this alum of The Wonder Years, who miraculously kept a straight face throughout the bit.

Rosie O’Donnell

Q’s Impractical Jokers costars made him bluff his way through a scientific lecture—and tell students that O’Donnell was his clone. Cut to: The comedian stepping out of a cloning chamber and “cloning” Q’s every move.

Imagine Dragons

In another episode, Joe and Sal had to open for this pop-rock band, despite their clear lack of musical ability. And as 14,000 audience members looked on—and booed—the two guys certainly attempted playing guitar and drums. Sal, clad in zebra-print tights, also had to do The Worm on stage and stage-dive into the unappreciative crowd.

Jeff Daniels

If you’ve never seen this Newsroom and American Rust star repeat the mantra “Who did the fart,” now’s your golden opportunity. It was all part of a ploy to get unassuming laypeople at a photo shoot to take the blame for Sal and Murr’s smelly-but-fake flatulence.