‘The Bachelorette’ Men Tell All: Michelle Confronts the Villains of Her Season (RECAP)

The Bachelorette Men Tell All
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Now that Michelle Young has officially narrowed down her final three men — Nayte, Brandon, and Joe — on ABC‘s The Bachelorette, it’s time for her to come face to face with 15 of the men she sent packing for tonight’s Men Tell All special.

So, right off the bat, my first thought is… I honestly don’t remember who half of these guys even are. Apparently, two guys I don’t recognize are going to come face-to-face and I guess we’re supposed to be really excited about that. OK, then! The guys clearly have a lot to hash out tonight — to the point that Kaitlyn Bristowe and Tayshia Adams had to scream at them in order to get them to settle down.


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The first feud we dive into is between Peter and Will. While they didn’t get along on camera, their issues certainly continued off camera. In fact, Peter accuses Will of trying to sabotage his pizzeria business by sharing negative reviews online. “Pizza tasted like it was drenched in pool water,” read one of the many reviews displayed on the screen. And these guy are taking their feud to the next level — Will actually gets served with a subpoena for defamation of character on stage. “It’s a little taste of what’s going to happen in real life,” Peter tells him. We’re off to a great start!

Next up is the drama surrounding Martin. So Martin tries to explain why he said some of the controversial things on the show, but is immediately interrupted by Will claiming that Martin had a girlfriend while filming. Martin denies that accusation, obviously, but I’m not sold. Many of the other guys join in saying they heard the same rumor. Martin’s only defense is that they “didn’t have their phones while filming” so therefore he couldn’t be dating anyone. Uhhhh, OK not buying this one.


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But it wouldn’t be a Men Tell All without talking with the true villain of the season, and that’s Jamie, who gets his own special hot seat interview because he’s just that villainous. Though Jamie has excuses for all of the things he said this season — including saying Michelle was in “Spring Break mode” — the men aren’t letting it fly. He’s called out for dancing around answers and avoiding taking ownership for his words.

The next man in the hot seat is Rick, who still seems emotional about his split from Michelle. He admits that with Michelle, he felt like he finally had met “his person,” and it was “tough” to say goodbye to her. Rick appears extremely nervous and admits that he didn’t sleep the night prior due to his anxiety about seeing Michelle again.

So the night has already been fairly drama-packed so far but we take a quick break from the men to focus on Tayshia. Rumors have circulated in the media that she and Zac Clark have called it quits, so Kaitlyn offers Tayshia the opportunity to set the rumors straight. “We tried really hard and I still love him very much. I’m not sure what the future holds,” she says through tears, without actually confirming that they’re over.

After that emotional chat, the girls invite Rodney up to the hot seat, but moments later, Tayshia storms off the stage in tears. Like a pro, Kaitlyn keeps her composure and continues the interview with Rodney. He shares that he’s always going to be on “Team Michelle” and that he hopes she finds her happily ever after. Kaitlyn hints that we may be seeing Rodney on the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise, which isn’t exactly surprising because everybody loves this guy. In fact, people love him so much that a random naked dude ran onto the stage screaming his name and had to be escorted out by security. WHYYYY is this happening?

Later we get a sneak peek of Clayton’s upcoming season of The Bachelor and it’s safe to say it’s going to be a wild ride. There’s tears, drama, romance — basically everything you need for the most dramatic season ever. Not only does Clayton admit that he falls in love with three women, he tells two women that he’s been intimate with both of them. JAW ON THE FLOOR.


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After that wild ride, Michelle comes out to finally face the men she sent packing many weeks ago. While she has nice things to say about guys like Rodney and Rick, she doesn’t feel as fondly about guys like Jamie. He tells her she was a joy to get to know, but it’s clear she doesn’t feel the same way. “I don’t understand how you can be so comfortable and quick to express positivity when that’s not what you’re showcasing,” she says, before adding that it’s “very clear” why their relationship didn’t work out. But Jamie isn’t the only one who Michelle isn’t feeling tonight. She also questions Martin as to why he thought it was okay to “belittle” her. She tells him it’s important to lift women up and she hope he’s learned from his time on the show.

By the end of the night, Peter announces that he has a special surprise for everyone — free pizza! Everyone is happy to try his famous slices, even Will, who admits that the pizza tastes “a lot better” than it did the last time he tried it. That little gesture clearly meant a lot to Peter, who decides to put his hand out to Will to make peace. The two hug it out and just like that, the biggest feud of the season is resolved.

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