Who’s the Best ‘Masked Singer’ Revealed So Far in Season 6? (POLL)

'The Masked Singer' Season 6 Celebrity Reveals, Bobby Berk, Toni Braxton, Larry the Cable Guy

The wonderful wackiness of The Masked Singer has been on full display with a season full of amazing performances, crazy costumes, and shocking celebrity reveals. With just a few episodes left until the Season 6 finale, we’re taking a look back at this season’s eliminations, and more importantly, which celebrity was underneath the mask.

From Grammy Award-winning artists to pro athletes to reality TV stars, these celebrities had viewers and the judges stumped up until they had to “take it off!” Check out this season’s Masked Singer celebrity reveals, and vote in the poll below for which was this season’s best so far!

Octopus: Dwight Howard

The first elimination of Season 6 was none other than Los Angeles Lakers player Dwight Howard. The first of the premiere’s two eliminations, his energetic rendition of “Tutti Frutti” by Little Richard wasn’t enough to save him, but the NBA star walked away with a big smile on his face. Jokingly complaining about how heavy his suit was, he did it all for his mother, who is a big fan of the series. The reveal wasn’t that much of a surprise, as judge Ken Jeong correctly guessed the sea creature’s identity.

Mother Nature: Vivica A. Fox

Also eliminated during the season premiere, fans had to wait one night to find out Mother Nature’s celebrity identity, who turned out to be none other than TV host and actress Vivica A. Fox. After the reveal, she expressed her joy over the experience, stating, “I’ve done so many things in my career, and I’ve never done anything like this before.”

Pufferfish: Toni Braxton

Eliminated during Episode 2, Pufferfish was revealed to be Grammy Award-winner Toni Braxton. The artist took the mask theme to heart, wearing a face mask underneath her costume to protect herself after being diagnosed with Lupus, a condition also shared by host Nick Cannon, who applauded her for her strength. Her reveal was a surprising one, as none of the judges managed to recognize the singer’s memorable voice.

Dalmatian: Tyga

The first elimination of Group B turned out to be Grammy-nominee Tyga, who got to show off both his rapping and singing skills with his performance to “Beautiful” by Snoop Dogg ft. Pharrell Williams. He was inspired to join the series after seeing Lil Wayne perform as Robot in Season 3. The judges suspected the mystery celeb was a popular rap artist, but none managed to guess the “Taste” singer.

Baby: Larry the Cable Guy

Perhaps one of the scariest costumes ever featured on the competition series, comedian Larry the Cable Guy managed to hide his signature southern accent, so much so that judge Nicole Scherzinger thought the mystery celeb was British. Have been a common guess among the judges over the past few seasons, none were able to recognize the actor when it was actually him! He was sure judge Jenny McCarthy would have correctly identified him, as they starred together in the film Witless Protection.

Cupcake: Ruth Pointer

After a wrong guess with Baby, Nicole correctly guessed Cupcake’s identity as Ruth Pointer of the legendary music group The Pointer Sisters. After her elimination, Ruth stated she was supposed to be joined by her sister Anita, but she had to drop out due to health issues. Regardless, she managed to make her sister proud by giving it her all and having fun on stage.

Hamster: Rob Schneider

Changing her First Impression guess at the last minute, Jenny correctly the identity of the adorable Hamster as SNL alum and comedian Rob Schneider. Like many guesses, the judges managed to pick well-known comedians, just not the one inside the hamster suit. Asked if his performance of “Sabor a Mí” by Luis Miguel was for anyone, he stated it was dedicated to his wife Patricia and daughters Elle, Miranda, and Madeline.

Beach Ball: Honey Boo Boo (Alana Thompson) and Mama June (June Shannon)

After joining as a Wild Card in Episode 7, the season’s first singing duo went home after performing “Party in the USA” by Miley Cyrus. None of the judges correctly guessed that the pair inside were reality TV stars Honey Boo Boo and Mama June of Toddlers & Tiaras fame. Mamma June expressed her joy over getting to do something fun with one of her kids after struggling with addiction, and had fun they certainly did!

Jester: John Lydon

Also known as Johnny Rotten, the lead singer of the Sex Pistols brought the power of rock ‘n roll to the singing competition while stumping the judges along the way. Guest judge will.i.am freaked out over the exciting reveal, stating, “You mean so much to the world of music.” The punk singer went on to talk about looking after his wife of 45 years, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, stating that “She will love this.”

Pepper: Natasha Bedingfield

Another correct guess by Nicole, Natasha Bedingfield was revealed as Pepper during the Group A Semi-Finals. When asked about her experience on the show, she jokingly stated, “You know, it’s fun to be spicy,” before being applauded for her “jaw-dropping” performances. Shen went on to talk about her 3-year-old son, whom she mentioned in her video package, and his brain surgery before the pandemic. Revealing he is doing fine, her costume ended up being on point, as his favorite color is red.

Mallard: Willie Robertson

Given that his costume was a duck, you think the judges would have taken a hint that the celebrity underneath the mask was Duck Dynasty star, Willie Robertson. Despite calling the competition “one of the hardest things” he’s ever done, he was amused by the judges’ guesses, given that he is friends with most of the celebrities they thought he was.

Caterpillar: Bobby Berk

The most recent celebrity reveal of Season 6, Queer Eye’s Bobby Berk was unveiled as Caterpillar after showing off his singing chops to NSYNC and Beyoncé hits. Jenny was especially shocked by the interior designer’s reveal, as he later stated that the two had been messaging while he was on set!

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