‘Finch,’ ‘CODA’ & More Movies to Stream on Apple TV+ This Fall

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Emmy-winning series like Ted Lasso have put Apple TV+ on the map, but don’t overlook these original films that are just as engrossing.


The last man on Earth feels a duty to man’s best friend in this moving adventure, set in a post-apocalyptic world. Tom Hanks stars as quirky inventor Finch, who builds a robot to care for his beloved pup Goodyear when he’s no longer around. Available Friday, November 5


Dip into dangerous waters with this tense World War II drama starring Tom Hanks (again!) as Cdr. Ernest Krause, a vigilant captain who leads a convoy of ships through the deadly Battle of the Atlantic while German U-boats lie in wait to strike. Available now

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CODA (Credit: Apple TV+)

The Banker

How much can two Black men accomplish in the racist, Jim Crow-era South? Anthony Mackie and Samuel L. Jackson star as businessmen who train a white fellow (Nicholas Hoult) to become the face of their company, opening doors for them so they can help other people of color. Available now


As the only hearing person in her deaf family, Ruby (Emilia Jones) has grown accustomed to acting as an interpreter for her parents (Marlee Matlin and Troy Kotsur). But when she finds a passion for singing and contemplates attending a music school, the tight-knit crew must find a new way forward. Available now

Anthony Mackie & Samuel L. Jackson Assemble Again in 'The Banker'See Also

Anthony Mackie & Samuel L. Jackson Assemble Again in 'The Banker'

The Apple TV+ film's director previews the comedy about on commerce, race, and the black middle class.


Steeped in Irish folklore, this animated, Oscar-nominated epic follows the unlikely friendship between wolf hunter Robyn Goodfellowe (the voice of Honor Kneafsey) and free spirit Mebh (Eva Whittaker)…who happens to turn into a wolf at nightfall. A haunting score accompanies the beautiful, hand-drawn action. Available now

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