‘Hard Knocks In Season’: 3 Reasons to Follow the Indianapolis Colts’ Journey

Indianapolis Colts
Rob Carr/Getty Images

After 20 years of chronicling a single team’s preseason journey, NFL Films will push out the hashmarks of its Hard Knocks franchise and, for the first time, showcase a football squad during the season.

Here are three reasons this action-filled look at the storied Indianapolis Colts should be a guaranteed touchdown.

1. This version reaches for the stars.

Hard Knocks during training camp famously focuses on rookies hoping to make the team. For In Season, which starts with Week 10 of the NFL season, cameras will mostly chronicle top veterans — led by ex-Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz in his first year with the Colts — who will spearhead the hoped-for path to victories. Each Wednesday episode covers the previous week’s game, making this series the ultimate fly-on-the-wall highlights reel.

Hard Knocks in Season

(Credit: HBO)

2. Everything counts.

Despite a slow start and a raft of injuries, “There’s not any sense in that locker room that their season is anything close to over,” says series showrunner Keith Cossrow. This version of Hard Knocks will go deep on games that carry greater expectations.

3. Hard Knocks could be playoff-bound.

If the Colts make it all the way to the Super Bowl? “We will go as long as the Colts go, which is exciting,” confirms Cossrow. Talk about the perfect end goal.

Hard Knocks In Season: The Indianapolis Colts, Series Premiere, Wednesday, November 17, 10/9c, HBO