Rose McIver on Her Favorite ‘Ghosts’ From the New CBS Comedy (VIDEO)

“I’m starting to wonder if I get typecast working with dead people only,” Rose McIver jokes to TV Insider. The actress, who starred on the CW’s iZombie from 2015-19, returns to TV on October 7 in CBS’ new sci-fi comedy Ghosts, as a woman who, after a near-death experience, is given the ability to see ghosts.

McIver’s character Sam and her husband Jay (Utkarsh Ambudkar) have decided to turn the mansion Sam inherited from her recently deceased grandmother into a B&B. But as Sam discovers when she gains her new powers, the house is packed with the ghosts of people who have died on the property throughout the ages, all with hilarious, colorful personalities.

“One that stands out to me right now is Thorfinn, a Viking [played by Devan Long]. And instead of leaning too far into the Viking archetype, they find these little nuances that are going to pop up throughout the series, things like he’s very fastidious, his attention to detail, is very specific,” says McIver.

She also introduces Sasappis (Roman Zaragoza), “a native landholder of the 1400s – a sarcastic, young spirit,” and Alberta (Danielle Pinnock), “who has been involved in a little bootlegging, Prohibition-era stuff,” as particular ghosts to look forward to.

“They’re really a great, textured, funny bunch that will bring all different kinds of energies to the production,” McIver exclaims.

Watch the video above for our interview with McIver, and don’t forget to watch the premiere of Ghosts for a very spirited good time.

Ghosts, Series Premiere, Thursday, October 7, 9/8c, CBS