‘Judy Justice’ Trailer: Meet the Judge’s New Team — Including Her Granddaughter (VIDEO)

Judge Judy Sheindlin in Judy Justice

“You talk. I finish. That’s the rule,” Judge Judy Sheindlin says. What could be a more perfect way for the trailer for hew new IMDb TV series, Judy Justice, to begin?

The television and courtroom icon returns to the bench on November 1, with new episodes available every weekday on Amazon’s premium free streaming service. And the judge has a new team behind her: bailiff Kevin Rasco, a retired Los Angeles probation officer and entrepreneur; court stenographer Whitney Kumar, a board-certified court reporter in the state of California; and Sarah Rose, a law clerk and Judge Sheindlin’s granddaughter, extending her legacy by bringing in a new generation of legal analysis. Her granddaughter “is wired like I am,” the judge says. “She’s a little snarky.”

While Judge Sheindlin will continue to adjudicate real-life cases, for her, this show “is a really exciting new adventure that gives me an opportunity to come into streaming while producing a whole different kind of court show,” she says. “To have [this team] help me create this new show is really giving me a third act or a fourth act. We are upping the game. I am who I am, sometimes PC, sometimes not, but consistent.”

“She has a gift to get the truth out of you real fast,” Kevin notes.

Watch the trailer to hear more about the judge’s team and see her in action in the courtroom.

Judy Justice is executive produced and directed by Randy Douthit and co-executive produced by Amy Freisleben. Scott Koondel is also an executive producer.

Judy Justice, Series Premiere, Friday, November 1, IMDb TV