‘Married at First Sight’: 5 Key Moments From ‘Caution: Feelings Approaching’ (RECAP)

Married at First Sight Season 13 Brett Ryan
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Married at First Sight

Caution: Feelings Approaching

Season 13 • Episode 11

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Married at First Sight, Season 13, Episode 11, “Caution: Feelings Approaching.”]

The Season 13 couples of Married at First Sight are celebrating a major milestone in their marriages in “Caution: Feelings Approaching,” as they all ring in their one-month anniversaries.

While the episode makes way for promising breakthroughs, doubts still come into play when some of the participants think about their futures. Below, we’re breaking down the night’s key moments but beware of spoilers ahead.

Making Up

Married at First Sight Season 13 Rachel

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After leaving last week’s episode on a sour note, Rachel and Jose seem more optimistic this week when they meet up to talk through a recent fight that resulted in him locking her out of the apartment. Though Jose maintains it was unintentional, Rachel thinks she deserves a more genuine apology. She worries that Jose’s bad behavior is a sign of his true personality, but he reassures her that he is going to do better with an apology she deems acceptable.


Married at First Sight Season 13 Michaela Myrla

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A peek into the other day-to-day activities of the other couples sees Myrla and Gil pose together for photos. Meanwhile, Ryan surprises Brett with a scavenger hunt and breakfast in their apartment, leading to a one-month anniversary card. As they all gear up for the upcoming milestone, Michaela and Zack go on a double-date with Myrla and Gil where they take salsa dancing lessons. The evening starts off OK in the beginning… until Michaela sits out of the paired dances. When Gil questions Michaela’s actions, she claims she tried the activity and wasn’t a fan, so she doesn’t want to dance anymore. But the real issue? She believes her marriage to Zack is moving backward.

Unfortunately for Brett, the light mood of her morning with Ryan is diminished when she comes home to the apartment to find her dog Baxter acting strange after getting sick. After a trip to the vet, Brett learns the dog is in kidney failure leaving her with a tough decision to make. And over at Jose and Rachel’s place, they’re discussing ways to improve communication. In an effort to fix the problems they’ve been having, he shares post-it notes he’s written out to himself as reminders. She appreciates the well-intentioned gesture, but will the positive outlook last?

Anniversary Celebrations

Married at First Sight Season 13 Johnny Bao

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Johnny and Bao kick off the evening of celebrations with a high-energy skydive which they top off with a barbecue lunch where they discuss their progress. Ultimately, she would like to communicate better about when she needs a hug and he wants more spontaneity when it comes to their sex life.

Gil surprises Myrla with a wine-tasting and fancy food spread at a winery, which she loves. Myrla even admits she’s beginning to fall in love. She has a surprise of her own at home for Gil when she sets up candles, flowers, and chocolates for him to enjoy.

Michaela then brings husband Zack to a music studio for a date, and after a recent off-camera discussion, the duo seems to be in a better place. When they discuss negatives in their marriage, she says there aren’t any, but he thinks her negative is blasting music late at night, despite the callout, she laughs at his comment. Reciprocating the anniversary surprise, Zack takes Michaela on a mini-vaca in the hotel to make up for their lack of a honeymoon.

Brett and Ryan’s celebration consists of a night out at the movies where he arranges for their wedding video to play. We learn that Brett had to make the tough decision to put her dog to sleep, and Ryan does his best to comfort her under the circumstances, but being reminded of his wedding day shows him how much his feelings for Brett are lacking. Meanwhile, Jose takes Rachel on a date to a local baseball field where he has a meal set up for them and they play ball for a bit.

Second Opinion

Married at First Sight Season 13 Johnny

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Coming as no surprise, considering their thoughtful approaches so far in the show, Johnny and Bao each visit a friend to sound off on their concerns. While chatting with his friend Kim, Johnny complains that Bao is too much of a perfectionist, but Kim advises he let go of hang-ups or else he could end up alone. As for Bao, she discusses Johnny’s need for her to initiate affection with pal Annie who suggest she talk about these issues with her husband directly.

Group Dinner

Married at First Sight Season 13 Gil and Myrla

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The couples celebrate the one-month anniversary as a whole by going out to dinner where they discuss whether they’re falling in like or love with their spouses. Michaela shares that she recently dropped the “L-word” with Zack. Rachel mentions that, despite recent lows with Jose, that love is still there. And though they say they care for each other, Brett and Ryan admit they’re struggling. Gil, in the meantime, is falling in love with Myrla who has already chosen to love him. Bao tells the table she’s growing in like with Johnny, but brings up recent struggles that set him off. Instead of speaking on the matter, Johnny takes a moment away from the table. He then accuses Bao of lying, saying that she likes to make herself out to be a victim. Jose tries to comfort him, but the episode ends on a negative note.

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