‘Jay Leno’s Garage’ First Look: Kevin Bacon Reflects on ‘Diner’ & ‘Tremors’ (VIDEO)

“This is kind of like The Tonight Show with moving couches,” quips Jay Leno as he interviews Kevin Bacon while the actor is test-driving a new off-road Ford for Jay Leno’s Garage.

Now in its sixth season, this boys-and-their-toys talker remains a fun watch whether you’re a gearhead or not. Yes, Bacon (above in a sneak peek with Leno) assesses his Bronco SUV’s performance, but he also makes car confessions, such as how he taught wife Kyra Sedgwick to drive a stick shift.

Jay Leno's Garage Michael Strahan Season 6

(Credit: Casey Durkin/CNBC)

Like any good gabfest, Garage is goofy and spoofy. Leno also bets Michael Strahan that the last one to get his vintage Mercedes to the local bratwurst joint will have to wear lederhosen. A running segment, “This is Your Automotive Life,” has billionaire Mark Cuban guessing which former ride is behind a garage door (hint: the engine sound).

And in a first: Rock legend Huey Lewis, whose “The Power of Love” fueled Back to the Future, finally drives a DeLorean. Hop in!

Jay Leno’s Garage, Wednesday, October 6, 10/9c, CNBC