Netflix’s ‘Intrusion’ Explores the ‘Terrifying Unknowability of People’

Intrusion, Logan Marshall Green and Freida Pinto

Every floorboard creak and unexpected noise will have you spooked long after you’ve finished watching Intrusion, a haunting tale of isolation and what director Adam Salky calls “the terrifying unknowability of people.”

Logan Marshall-Green and Freida Pinto star as Henry, a stylish architect, and Meera, a therapist and breast cancer survivor, who relocate from Boston to a palatial modern home Henry designed and helped build in a small New Mexico town.

Intrusion Netflix Logan Marshall-Green Freida Pinto


“They want to reconnect and start a new chapter,” explains Salky. But before the couple can even uncork the wine for their housewarming party, their home is broken into twice in as many days. “Meera starts to question why they moved to this place and who the people around her really are,” he adds.

Gripped by the fear that those behind the home invasion, like her cancer, could come back at any time, Meera grows paranoid. And her sense of confinement and insecurity is only heightened by the remote location of their new residence. Salky was able to incorporate the unusual layout of the real-life Albuquerque house they used for filming into the movie’s creepy, nothing’s-as-it-seems vibe.

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“It had hallways that went places you didn’t expect, it had a closet that you would open and it would just be a wall there,” recalls the director, who fell in love with the structure on first sight. “It just immediately called out to us that this was the house.” And given what madness goes down within the walls of the place, hearing things makes total sense.

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