‘Floribama Shore’: Aimee, Nilsa & Codi on Heading Back South for Season 5

Codi Butts

We last saw MTV’s Floribama Shore cast in quarantine. Production abruptly shut down in Lake Havasu, Arizona when a crew member tested positive for COVID-19. The show had moved from the blizzard conditions of Montana, where they filmed earlier episodes in Season 4.

There was a lot of unfinished business, but fear not: Jeremiah Buoni, Kirk Medas, Gus Smyrnios, Candace Rice, Nilsa Prowant, Codi Butts, and Aimee Hall reconvened in Georgia for a fifth round, premiering September 16. And with dogs, goats, and Aimee’s pet pig, it’s officially become a real animal house.

New mom Nilsa, Codi, and Aimee checked in to talk about all the new developments and returning back to the Dirty South.

MTV Floribama Shore


Tell us what it was like to have your vacation cut short due to COVID.

Nilsa Prowant: We left so much stuff unsaid. We didn’t want our vacation to end like that. We always wanted our vacation to end on a good note. We had no choice but to bring it down to Georgia.

Who are we going to see visit this season?

Codi Butts: We love when our parents come to visit. We also have other guests drop in. I think you’ll see some familiar faces. I think you’ll see some new faces. It’s going to be interesting. It makes for a great mix with us.

Nilsa: There are even some fur animals.

Oh yeah! Tell me about how you got your pig, Aimee.

Aimee Hall: I just love animals. I have a bunch of dogs and cats, and now I wanted me a piggy. So I got me one.

Codi: What had happened is she tried to order a Dalmatian, and she ordered it from Wish, and they sent her that.

Your show is part of the Jerzdays lineup. How does it feel to carry on the Jersey Shore legacy?

Nilsa: It’s truly an honor that we get to be on Jerzday. Now we have Double Shot at Love premiering after us. The Shore franchise has taken over MTV, and that’s not going to change.

Codi: We’re so happy. It’s really good to take over that timeslot. It lets you know that hey, we’re just killing it out there. We’re making great TV.

Have you gotten any advice from the Jersey Shore cast over the years about weathering what comes with being a reality star?

Aimee: They’ve given us a lot of advice. They are so nice. I actually love them. I feel like as the seasons continue we’ve only gotten closer to them.

Nilsa: Me becoming a mom—they’ve given me so much good advice. Snooki gives me advice all the time. I talk to her about me having postpartum depression. She is always there for me. JWoww is always uplifting me. They are honestly our Northern cousins at this point.

Codi: They are our big brothers and big sisters. I talk to JWoww quite a bit. She is constantly checking in, saying things like, “How are you doing? I know things can be rough sometimes and everyone goes through rough patches.”

Nilsa: It’s just crazy to me because 10 years ago, I was watching them on TV, and now we’re going to them for advice about being on TV.

Nilsa, has being a mom changed your mindset when it comes to reality TV?

Nilsa: It has just put a lot of things in perspective. Everything I do now is for my son. I can’t imagine my life without him now. I talk all the time about how I want to do the show and everything, but you can ask Aimee—I have the hardest time being away from my son. I called her this past Saturday five times telling her how much I missed my son because I was on a bachelorette trip. I don’t know what I’m going to do when I have to go film. How am I going to leave my son?

Aimee: I literally had to text her every four hours to say, “You’re a good mom. You’re a good mom.” I knew if I didn’t she would leave.

Nilsa: And then I ended up leaving the next day.

Codi: With Nilsa having a baby, she has a lot of babysitters who she can use. I’m here to watch the baby. I’m sure Aimee, well, she might watch him for a little while. Maybe an hour or so.

Aimee: I don’t like watching kids that much.

Codi: I think Nilsa is lucky to have all of us. I don’t want to toot my own horn, but we’re there for her to rely on.

Nilsa: I am lucky. They are always checking in.

Codi: I’m a great babysitter.

Codi, maybe this brings new meaning to puke and rally.

Codi: I mean, it will be both of us. He’ll be puking and rallying, and I will be too. Just different things. He’ll have breast milk; I’ll have vodka.

Aimee and Nilsa of 'Floribama Shore'


What’s the feel of this season between Gus and Jeremiah. What can you tell us about their relationship?

Aimee: I think things are a lot calmer between the two.

Codi: I think this season [in general] is calmer, just because in Montana it was hard because it was so cold. We’re used to doing outdoor things. It’s really hard to do that when there is 14 inches of snow on the ground and you don’t really want to go outside. There was a lot built up. This time, at least, there were outlets they both utilized where they could decompress and it didn’t get as bad as it did in Montana.

Nilsa: And plus, we’re from the South. So we naturally do better in warmer weather.

I’m a Florida boy myself. All that snow, I don’t know how you dealt with that.

Codi: It was hard. Very hard.

What else stands out about this season in your eyes?

Nilsa: My stomach.

Aimee: I actually had a lot of fun this season.

Codi: I did too. It was a lot of fun. You’re going to see a lot more of us joking around, aggravating each other but in a good way—nothing malicious or anything like that. We had a great time. I’m sure you’ll see me without clothes on again too.

Floribama Shore, Season Premiere, Thursday, September 16, 8/7c, MTV