With Franchises Taking Over Entire Nights, Will You Watch All the Shows? (POLL)

Casts of One Chicago

If you’re a fan of procedural dramas, there’s pretty much something on every night of the week (not counting Saturdays) in the fall of 2021 — and for four of the six nights, there will be at least two shows in the same franchise airing back-to-back. But is this perhaps too much?

Dick Wolf shows have completely taken over Tuesdays on CBS and Wednesdays on NBC (and would have had Thursdays on NBC, too, if Law & Order: For the Defense wasn’t scrapped). Between Sundays and Mondays, there are three hours of NCIS. (The CW also has two Arrowverse series — DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and Batwoman — airing on Wednesdays, but they are much different from each other in a way that these other franchises’ shows aren’t.)

Read on for a breakdown of these primetime takeovers this fall, then vote in our poll below about how much of these franchises you’ll be watching.

NCIS Mondays

NCIS made a major move (new night and time) from its usual Tuesday, 8/7c slot to air Mondays at 9/8c, leading into the new spinoff, Hawai’i. And with LA airing Sundays at 9/8c, that’s three hours of NCIS across two nights.

FBI Tuesdays

FBI is moving up an hour to 8/7c, leading into the new spinoff, International, with Most Wanted closing out the night. (For the three-hour crossover event premiere, introducing the new team, Most Wanted and International are swapping time slots.)

One Chicago Wednesdays

Chicago Med, Fire, and P.D. will continue to air back-to-back-to-back on Wednesday, something that has proven to work well for NBC.

Law & Order Thursdays

Just like last season, Mariska Hargitay and Law & Order: SVU will lead into Christopher Meloni and his spinoff, Organized Crime. (For the Defense would have taken the 8/7c slot, making for three hours of Law & Order. But you will still be getting three hours of Law & Order on premiere night, with SVU two hours.)