6 Things to Know About ‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Matt Amodio

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They don’t come around often, but when Jeopardy! finds a champion like Season 37’s Matt Amodio, it’s hard to let go.

The big winner is leading viewers out of an eventful season as one of the game show’s top champions with big winnings and an impressive streak. So, what else is there to know about Amodio? We’re breaking down all of the essential details, below.

Where Does He Rank Among Winners?

After his first 14 days of play, Amodio ranks as Jeopardy!‘s fourth-highest earner in the show’s history of regular-season play. His winnings total a whopping $440,600 and that number is likely to continue climbing if he keeps up the streak heading into Season 37’s final week.

Where Is He From?

Originally hailing from Ohio, Amodio lists his current residence as New Haven, Connecticut.

What Is His Job?

Amodio is a Ph.D. student at the prestigious Yale University. There, Amodio specializes in computer science and is a fifth-year candidate focusing on artificial intelligence.

Jeopardy!, Inc. Matt Amodio

(Credit: Jeopardy!, Inc.)

How Many Hosts Has He Played With?

Throughout his run on Season 37, Amodio is one of the only champions to experience the game with as many hosts as he has. Debuting on the July 21, 2021, episode, Amodio began his run with guest host Robin Roberts, and has played with LeVar Burton, David Faber, and Joe Buck.

What Is His Strategy?

Amodio caught viewer attention for the way he formats his question responses for clues, particularly his use of “what” for any and all categories. According to the champion via Yale, he approaches the game this way in order to think longer about the answers he’s giving. “I was glad that Jeopardy! said this was perfectly within the rules,” he told the school.

Is He a Jeopardy! Fan?

Like most other contestants on the show, Amodio is a self-professed fan of the game and credits his parents for his love of Jeopardy!. Amodio revealed that growing up, his parents would watch the game show every day and he eventually caught on as well.

Keep tuning in to see how Amodio does as he continues his successful Jeopardy! run so far.

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