The 6 Best Moments of ‘I Think You Should Leave With Tim Robinson’ Season 2 (VIDEO)

'I Think You Should Leave' Star Tim Robinson

From baby pageants to biker gangs in space, the unhinged comedy of Tim Robinson‘s I Think You Should Leave Season 1 left the world screaming for more. The Detroiters star did not disappoint with the sophomore season, bringing more timeless sketches that will make you want to put on a hotdog costume yourself!

Scroll down to relive some of the funniest sketches from Season 2.

Ghost Tour

This ghost tour is for adults, so swearing is A-OK! But one guest (Robinson) completely misunderstands the rule and can’t stop earnestly asking about the graphic sexual lives of the ghosts. Seeing Robinson never stop asking, even through tears, about the dirty details is poignant, disgusting, and hilarious all at once.

Baby Cries

Shane (Robinson) thinks a baby doesn’t like him because he “used to be a piece of s**t.” Increasingly defensive, he tells everyone the dark details of his past. His only crime? Slicking his hair back and pouring water on steaks to make the damp delicious dish, Sloppy Steaks. Complete with a flashback scene to when he made Sloppy Steaks at high-end restaurants, this sketch is classic I Think You Should Leave: dinner parties, screaming, and an eternal commitment to the bit.

Driver’s Ed

A driver’s ed video goes off the rails when the confusing plot outshines the cautionary tale of distracted driving. Carrie (Patti Harrison) is distracted by the filthy tables in her trunk, but nobody knows why she says, “These tables are how I buy my house,” and blames The Munsters character, Eddie Munster, as the culprit behind their soiled state. (Fans might recognize Harrison from the Season 1 sketch, “New Printer.”)

Prank Show

A prank show’s production grinds to a halt when the host, Carmine Laguzio (Robinson), is mentally drained by the experience of being in prosthetics. What starts as a fun episode of the fictional Everything is Upside Down turns into a fit of rage in a shopping mall that booms from Robinson, even inside a rubber mask!

Diner Wink

After telling his daughter a white lie about why she can’t get ice cream, a diner patron (Robinson) ropes in a stranger (Bob Odenkirk) who decides to tell her about himself, embellishing some aspects of his life. He talks a big talk, from owning vintage cars to his beautiful model wife to his housing situation, which is definitely not a hotel.

Detective Crashmore

'I Think You Should Leave' Biff Wiff as Santa Claus


Santa Claus (Biff Wiff) makes it to the big screen in his graphic action film Detective Crashmore. However, he is a bit of a diva during his interview, almost storming off when the topic of Christmas is brought up. Seeing Santa as both a ruthless badass and a petulant actor might be absurd, but considering his fame, something about it just makes sense.

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