LeVar Burton’s ‘Jeopardy!’ Champion Branded ‘Most Annoying Ever’ By Viewers

Jeopardy! Matt Amodio contestant

Jeopardy! is rolling on with LeVar Burton at the helm this week, but it’s current champion Matt Amodio who is getting fans talking.

The Phd student from New Haven, Connecticut, is currently on a six-game winning streak and has earned the respect of many viewers for his trivia knowledge. However, Amodio has a certain quirk when answering questions that is starting to get under some people’s skin.

Everyone knows that the format of Jeopardy! requires contestants to answer in the form of a question, but Amodio seems to have a problem differentiating his “what’s” from his “who’s.” For example, when the answer is a person’s name, like Anna Faris or John Cleese, which we saw on Wednesday’s show, Amodio said “what’s Faris” and “what’s Cleese” rather than “who’s Faris” or “who’s Cleese.”

“I am impressed with Matt on Jeopardy but he uses “What’s” regardless of if the answer is a thing or a person — for a few nights now. Shouldn’t a person always be “who”?!?” said one frustrated Twitter user. Others went as far as to say Amodio was “the most annoying contestant ever” for this bad habit.

However, not everyone seemed to mind Amodio’s approach, as fans were just happy to see such an impressive champion. It’s been a while since a contestant has gone on a run like this, and so the New Haven native received high praise for his Jeopardy! skills.

“Y’all better get used to and get over hearing “What’s” because I think Matt’s going to be on Jeopardy! for a while. And I’m here for it,” tweeted one viewer.

Who, or what, will be able to beat Amodio? Jeopardy! continues weeknights. Check your local listings.