‘Good Girls’: Fans React to the Shocking Series Finale

Good Girls season 4 christina hendricks retta mae whitman
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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Good Girls, Season 4, Episodes 15 & 16, “We’re Even” & “Nevada.”]

All good things must come to an end, it’s just unfortunate that NBC’s Good Girls has reached its conclusion much sooner than fans would have wanted.

Season 4 wrapped with two back-to-back episodes revealing the fate of everyone’s favorite suburban criminals, Beth (Christina Hendricks), Ruby (Retta), and Annie (Mae Whitman). The show bid viewers adieu after being canceled ahead of the last few Season 4 episodes.

So, where did these ladies land? Beth opted to live the criminal lifestyle she’s become accustomed to, and leaves the series with a new power dynamic between her and Rio (Manny Montana). She tells him that he works for her now, leaving viewers wondering what that might look like as she embraces her true self.

Meanwhile, pal Ruby is torn between going west with her family and staying put in Michigan a little longer. She appears to opt for the former as she’s seen packing a bag, but uncertainty still remains after Stan (Reno Wilson) gave her an ultimatum of joining him and the kids or staying with her friends.

good girls season 4 christina hendricks manny montana

(Credit: Evans Vestal Ward/NBC)

Sadly, Annie ends the show being hauled away in cuffs, leaving her fate sealed with a big question mark. So, what did fans think of the ending? It’s a mix of emotions from the loyal viewers of this underrated series.

Episode 16, which featured a lengthy dream sequence seemed to bring out strong feelings:

Others couldn’t get over the episode’s loose ends.

And of course, there was a lot of love and frustration over Beth and Rio’s ending due to the lack of future episodes. The pair concluded the show by sitting on a park bench and discussing the reversed power dynamic between them.

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