‘SurrealEstate’ Stars Tim Rozon & Sarah Levy on Why Their Characters Work Well Together

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If you’re having problems selling your house because it’s haunted or possessed, you need look no further than the Roman Agency on SurrealEstate. Real estate agent Luke Roman (Tim Rozon) and his team of specialists handle the problem houses, the ones that scare would-be buyers (and sellers).

And in the premiere, real estate agent Susan Ireland (Sarah Levy) joins the firm and gets a crash course in the spookier side of listings. “She brings the front to the agency and the people-pleasing aspects that clients like to experience from an agent,” Levy tells TV Insider, admitting, “there’s a lot more that she learns than she brings.” While she’s hesitant to say her character brings “professionalism” to the agency, Rozon isn’t.

Plus, with the addition of Susan, Luke finds someone else who “has a love of selling houses” like he does. That’s something the rest of the team — researcher Phil Orley (Adam Korson), tech expert August Ripley (Maurice Dean Wint), and office manager Zooey L’Enfant (Savannah Basley) — doesn’t quite have. “I think they have a love of working on these houses and fixing them,” Rozon explains.

So while Susan may be a bit new to Luke’s side of the business, “that’s one of the biggest reasons why they work so well together,” Levy agrees. “They have that very much in common.”

It’s a Schitt’s Creek reunion for Rozon and Levy, who played Mutt and Twyla on the hit Canadian comedy — and both would love to see their other characters getting in on the SurrealEstate business of selling houses.

“Twyla would actually jump all in to Susan’s life,” Levy says. “She’s so up for anything as a character and is excited by new things. And even though she’s a creature of comfort, I think there is an element of her that really likes change and a new environment and new job, all that stuff. I think she’d be really excited by it.”

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Rozon agrees when it comes to Mutt, though he points out one problem: “He only owns that one suit, so he’d have to keep wearing that same suit to all the listings.”

“Twyla would love the wardrobe,” Levy adds.

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