The ‘SurrealEstate’ Cast Introduces the Team to Call to Sell a Haunted House (VIDEO)

Selling a house can be hard. Imagine having to do it when the house is haunted. That’s where the Roman Agency of Syfy’s SurrealEstate comes in.

Premiering on Friday, July 16, the new series follows Luke Roman (Tim Rozon) and his elite team of specialists who handle the haunted and possessed houses that scare would-be buyers away. And TV Insider has an exclusive behind-the-scenes look with the cast as they introduce the work the team does.

The agency is made up of “not a handful of ghost chasers, but rather a team of rare individuals qualified in their specific field, working together, collaborating, problem-solving with the endgame of selling a house,” Maurice Dean Wint (who plays August Ripley, who creates the supernatural tech) previews. “Ghosts are just a bonus.”

And speaking of ghosts and the agents’ qualifications, “Luke has the ability to speak to dead people,” Rozon shares. “I don’t know anybody else who does.”

Joining Luke and August at the Roman Agency are researcher Father Phil Orley (Adam Korson), officer manager Zooey L’Enfant (Savannah Basley), and the team’s new agent, Susan Ireland (Sarah Levy). Susan “becomes an integral part to the agency,” Korson previews. “What can I say? We get the job done.”

But they’re not exactly the first people anyone would think of to go to for help. They’re “the last resort for people in our own business. No one kind of really wants to associate with us,” Basley says. They’re also “the last resort for a lot of homeowners,” she adds, in that they’ve tried everything else before turning to them.

SurrealEstate Series Premiere August Phil Megan

Duncan De Young/Blue Ice Pictures/SYFY

The show is perfect for anyone looking for a bit of comedy mixed in with horror. “The thing that separates SurrealEstate from other shows is the balance between the humor and the scary because if not, it could just be a straight-up thriller,” Rozon says. “We’re dealing with some pretty scary stuff and some real issues, but I love that we embrace the comedy.”

Watch the video above for much more from Rozon, Levy, Korson, Wint, Basley, and Tennille Read (who plays Megan Donovan, a medical student who inherits a house), along with clips from the series.

SurrealEstate, Series Premiere, Friday, July 16, 10/9c, Syfy