‘Virgin River’ Season 3: Mel & Jack Face an Obstacle ‘That Could Change Everything’

Alexandra Breckenridge Martin Henderson Virgin River Season 3 Mel Jack
Courtesy of Netflix

Fans of Hallmark shows and mysteries alike would be wise to get invested in the engrossing series Virgin River.

It’s been a joy to watch the second-chance romance unfold between capable nurse Mel Monroe and hunky bar owner Jack Sheridan (Alexandra Breckenridge and Martin Henderson, above), who met after she relocated from L.A. to small town Virgin River. The couple bonded over their tragic histories, so it was especially traumatic when, in a Season 2 cliffhanger, he was shot by a mysterious bar intruder.

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'Virgin River': Who Shot Jack? (POLL)

The Season 3 trailer reveals his fate, but we still have no idea who pulled the trigger.

The opener reveals that Jack survived, but exec producer Sue Tenney warns of other problems ahead in this drama based on a popular book series. The detective on the case will have to “dissuade Jack from risking his life by using his own methods to learn the truth,” says Tenney, who adds the couple also face an obstacle “that could change everything.”

Virgin River, Season 3, Friday, July 9, Netflix