Jeffrey Dean Morgan & Lauren Cohan’s Most Memorable ‘TWD’ Moments (VIDEO)

It’s been a long road for the feud between reformed evildoer Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and survivor mom Maggie (Lauren Cohan) on AMC’s long-running zombie drama The Walking Dead. And while their characters still bristle at the sight of each other seasons later, the actors definitely enjoy chatting and catching up in real life.

We spoke to Morgan and Cohan ahead of the release of TV Guide Magazine’s The Walking Dead Universe Special Collector’s Issue, which hits newsstands nationwide on Tuesday, August 17, and of course, ahead of TWD‘s final season premiere later this summer. (Season 11 will be broken up into three parts, totaling 24 episodes.)

When asked what their most memorable moments from shooting the series were, Cohan recalled fun behind-the-scenes memories like, “taking turns trying on Norman’s poncho” during earlier seasons. For Morgan, on the other hand, it’s his comic-based villain’s enthralling entrance — a bloody, emotional scene that straddled the show’s Season 6 ender and Season 7 premiere…and cemented the hatred Cohan’s Maggie harbors for the bat-swinging baddie.

Morgan notes: “For me, it’s the introduction of the character…meeting everyone, some people for the first time. Lauren and I have known each other for a long time. We were Batman’s parents after all [in the 2016 film Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice]. Meeting Andy [Lincoln] for the first time, reconnecting with Norman [Reedus], just the first two days of filming, and how much I think the cast opposite me, Lauren included, how much they gave — it was just a surreal and cool experience that made me want to be a part of the show.”

Negan Walking Dead Saviors

Jeffrey Dean Morgan wielding ‘Lucille’ as Negan in ‘The Walking Dead’

It’s certainly a moment fans will never forget. Check out the full video interview with Morgan and Cohan above to listen to their stories and hear what they want to say to their fans.

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