‘Fear TWD’ Sneak Peek: Morgan’s Desperate to Keep Everyone Alive (VIDEO)

Given the fact that we’re approaching the Season 6 finale of Fear the Walking Dead, we’re not entirely sure Morgan (Lennie James) will succeed in his mission of keeping all of his people out of harm’s way (after all, Walking Dead shows are notorious for having a big death in the season’s final installment).

But, as this exclusive clip from Sunday’s upcoming episode, “USS Pennsylvania,” shows, that won’t be for lack of trying or determination — or even guilt — on his part.

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Strand (Colman Domingo) unexpectedly joins the stick-wielding leader on his journey through the claustrophobic submarine — much to Morgan’s chagrin. He discovers that Morgan’s haunted by the things he’s done and the people he’s lost along the way.

“I’ve been leading these people from one dead end to another,” Morgan tells him, “all the time promising it’ll lead to something different, to something better. I just want to be sure this time!”

Fear the Walking Dead Lennie James Colman Domingo

(Credit: Ryan Green/AMC)

Will Morgan finally lead his friends to a better post-apocalyptic life? Find out on Sunday’s episode, and check out the exclusive clip above.

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