‘Chicago Fire’ Ends Season 9 With Major Brettsey Moments & Lives on the Line (RECAP)

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Spoiler Alert
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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for the Chicago Fire Season 9 finale “No Survivors.”]

Executive producer Derek Haas warned “No Survivors” is “one of those finales where those final minutes will make a lot of viewers angry with me” and “the last 10 minutes will be as tense — and as big — as anything we’ve ever done.” He wasn’t exaggerating.

“Some changes might be coming to 51,” Boden (Eamonn Walker) previously said, and the finale delivers on that promise. Not only are multiple members’ lives hanging in the balance in the final moments, but fans get resolution about Casey (Jesse Spencer) and Brett’s (Kara Killmer) relationship and one of 51 may be taking a new job.

A Casey & Brett Moment Seasons in the Making

After telling Brett how he feels, all Casey can do is wait … and hope he’s not doomed to a life of loneliness like his uncle after his wife died. He proceeds to pretty much pine: looking for her when he gets to the firehouse, staring at her during a call, asking if Ambulance 61 is back yet, looking at its empty spot in the house…

Brett’s not doing much better. She can’t focus near him — Casey steadies her during a call — and stalls by taking 30 minutes to gather supplies for the ambulance at the hospital. She’s been spinning out about him for so long, she doesn’t know how to stop, she admits to Violet. Her fellow paramedic offers some words of wisdom: Her mom uses the word “good” to describe people as the highest compliment, and that’s exactly what both Brett and Casey are.

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But Casey is taking Brett’s silence (and avoidance) as a message and plans to back off completely.

Fortunately, Brett puts a restless Casey out of his misery after he’s moved from pacing in his office in the middle of the night to standing outside the firehouse. “We belong together,” she says, an A+ start to her speech (as opposed to his not A declaration). “We do,” he agrees. “We’re right for each other,” she continues. “We are,” he agrees. (Yes, there’s a pattern.) “When you know, you know,” she says. (One guess for his response to what she learned while on a call involving a couple with a house full of dolls. The two holding hands were only slightly less creepy.) “I’m in love with you,” she finally tells him, and he kisses her.

After that, they finally finish what they started at the beginning of the season — and this time they make it past her couch and into her bed.

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A Future Together … and Apart?

It’s not long before everyone knows about the Stellaride engagement. Casey figures it out by the way his roommates have been looking at each other, and Severide (Taylor Kinney) announces it to the house as he gives out spring cleaning assignments and calls her his fiancée. (They got engaged in the middle of a fire. What else would you expect?)

Severide of course asks Casey to be his best man and lets him know he expects an epic bachelor party (like ending up on a rooftop with Mike Tyson’s tiger).

But what about Kidd’s (Miranda Rae Mayo) professional future? First, she thanks Boden for the role he played in her becoming a lieutenant. “You signed me up for the leadership conference when I wasn’t even considering myself a leader. You had that confidence in me,” she tells her battalion chief. “You think that you know what that means for someone in my shoes, but you don’t. it meant everything.”

“I just saw what was right in front of me: a remarkable firefighter and even more remarkable person,” he tells her. Is it any wonder she begins to tear up?

Chicago Fire Season 9 Finale Kidd Casey Brett Violet Mouch

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But Kidd is wondering how she’ll ever find a house as good as 51 when she gets her lieutenant’s placement. It’ll be tough, Severide agrees, but she’ll take a piece of 51 with her.

Boden’s Tough Decision

Boden asks Herrmann (David Eigenberg) and Mouch (Christian Stolte) for their take on an offer from Deputy Commissioner Hill: Does he want to be considered for a Deputy District Chief role? It would mean more chief work, less firefighter work. But, as Herrmann points out, they need him as high-ranking as possible. He has until the end of the week to decide.

Then, a new neighbor approaches him and reveals his son wants to be a firefighter. Boden offers up a tour of 51, and before leaving, the kid’s father says, “it’s nice to have neighbors my son can look up to.” After that, it seems Boden has made his decision and contacts Hill. And his answer … will have to wait for Season 10.

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Hold Your Breath…

The last call of the season is a water rescue for Squad, and it comes after Cruz (Joe Minoso) makes sure everyone’s going to be at his and Chloe’s upcoming baby shower and we’ve heard about — and met! — Capp’s (Randy Flagler) girlfriend. With a man on a boat about to sink, all four members of Squad — Severide, Cruz, Tony (Anthony Ferraris), and Capp — go for a dive, and just as they’re about to give up, they hear a pounding that alerts them to a door. After they open it, they find the missing guy. But before they can swim out, the boat shifts, things begin falling, and their way out is blocked.

On land, the rest of 51 (Truck heard the call while out) can only wait with bated breath for the firefighters to surface. But they don’t because they’re trapped, out of air, and the water has risen above their heads. Wait, what?! We have to wait until the fall to find out if 51 just lost another member?

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