‘The Bold Type’: Katie Stevens on Jane’s Mistake, Her Relationship With Scott and More

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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for The Bold Type Season 5 premiere, “Trust Fall.”]

Just as Jane (Katie Stevens) thinks she got exactly what she needed for a high-risk exposé, she gets some really bad news.

In the Season 5 premiere, Jane and her employee Scott (Mat Vairo) track down Raana (Jelani Nanayakkara), the assistant of the States & Nations editor accused of abuse in the workplace, and gets her to corroborate her source’s account anonymously. But then her other employee, Addison (Christine Nguyen), informs Jane that something doesn’t add up in her source’s story.

Stevens previews what’s next.

At the end of the premiere, Jane finds out something doesn’t line up in her source’s story for that article about States & Nations. What can you preview about how she handles that and what’s next?

Katie Stevens: She tries to do her due diligence to figure out what that discrepancy is, and then once she realizes the mistake that’s been made, she has to tell Jacqueline [Melora Hardin], which is really hard because Jacqueline has trusted her to tell this story and to make it bulletproof and to protect her and Ian [Gildart Jackson], since the story doesn’t only affect Jane as a journalist and Jacqueline as a boss, but it also affects Jacqueline’s family. So it’s definitely a sticky situation, but thankfully, Jacqueline being the mentor that she is, she’s able to take Jane under her wing to show her how, when you’re a leader, you’re supposed to handle those situations.

How does everything we’ve seen from Jane up to this point in her professional life help her deal with this? Because she’s come so far since we met her.

Yeah. She’s always been kind of seeking Jacqueline’s approval. I feel like that was a big part of her arc for many seasons, and then now she’s in a position where she’s gotten that approval so much so that she’s been promoted to be a boss in her own right. We’re going to watch her be unafraid to own her mistake, which is something that Jacqueline has taught her. That can be very scary and sometimes people want to overlook and move past the mistakes that they’ve made, but I think that Jacqueline shows Jane that it’s important to own those. We see Jane having to almost convince Jacqueline who’s where she learned it from that she should go ahead and own it and take the responsibility for it.

Is that video she recorded admitting her attraction to Scott going to come back to bite her?

No, actually. That was actually like a really beautiful moment that was more about trust than anything else. And I think that in different circumstances, maybe if it wasn’t the last season, the writers could have written something juicy for that to come back and bite her. It was more so a moment for Jane to get Raana to trust her and also a moment for her to admit something to herself that’s very scary and vulnerable for her to admit.

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It does seem like the thing that would end a midseason finale.

Yeah, exactly.

Speaking of that, admitting she’s attracted to Scott, she tells Kat [Aisha Dee] and Sutton [Meghann Fahy], but she also says there’s nothing she can do. What’s drawing her to him?

We’ve seen them bond on not only their love for what they do and the rapport that they have with one another, but they both lost a parent at a young age and he’s kind of the first person that Jane has met who has gone through an experience similar to her. She’s always had the girls there to talk to about it and to vent to, but to have somebody to do that with who also understands because they’ve been through it, I think, is something really powerful. You’re going to watch Jane kind of have a tough time with what to do because the relationship is something that she really wants, but what does that mean for her in her career as she’s moving towards becoming a boss and what does that say about her?

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What else can you tease about what’s coming up for her love life this season? Is it just Scott? Is it perhaps a certain someone from her past coming back?

I think that the relationship that Jane has had has always been a big part of her arc, and I think that the thing that there will be love interests in the season but I think that the biggest relationship that we’re going to see be flourishing is her relationship with herself because Jane has gone through so much over five seasons and has had so much growth, and we’re finally going to see her at a place where she’s figuring out what she wants out of life and who she wants to be. She’s finally going to be comfortable in her skin and in her body post-health stuff, post-relationship stuff. I’m just really excited for fans to see her step into her power in that way.

Can you say if Ryan [Dan Jeannotte] will be back?

I cannot say anything.

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