‘Sweet Tooth’ Series Adaptation Brings a ‘Storybook Dystopia’ to Netflix

sweet tooth netflix

Amid a global pandemic that is decimating humankind, a new form of life emerges when women mysteriously begin giving birth to babies with animalistic features. Years into this new world, Gus (Christian Convery) — one of the first hybrids born and now a preteen — is living in seclusion with his father (Saturday Night Live vet Will Forte), far from the menacing humans who see him as a threat.

The magical eight-episode series is an adaptation of writer and artist Jeff Lemire’s acclaimed Sweet Tooth graphic novels, executive produced by Robert Downey Jr., with showrunners Jim Mickle (Hap and Leonard) and Beth Schwartz (Arrow).

“We wanted a fresh look for the end of the world and fell in love with this idea of a storybook dystopia,” Mickle says. “What if things fell apart and it turned out to be kind of beautiful?”

The mystical tale is told through the eyes of deer-human hybrid Gus. And when he befriends hulking human drifter Jepperd (Nonso Anozie), the pair embark on a road trip that is both harrowing and hopeful.

sweet tooth netflix gus


“Gus and Jepperd are the ultimate odd couple,” Schwartz says. “With each adventure, Gus chips away at Jep’s hard exterior, and Jep teaches Gus how to protect himself. Their relationship is the heart of the show.” Sounds sweet indeed.

Sweet Tooth, Series Premiere, Friday, June 4, Netflix