‘MAFS’ Reunion Sneak Peek: The Couples React to Fan Attention(VIDEO)

The Married at First Sight Season 12 reunion continues with Part 2 on May 26 and we have your exclusive first look at the episode.

In the final installment of the season, the participants are continuing their conversation with host Kevin Frazier about some touchier topics. While the lives of these Atlanta participants might feel like entertainment to viewers, it’s strange for them to experience their own situation through fan interactions.

“Vincent, what’s the craziest feedback or thing that you’ve gotten on social media?” Kevin asks, opening a floodgate of answers for the newlywed sat beside his bride Briana.

“I keep getting people talking about the stripper scene,” Vincent admits as a snippet from his bachelor party plays. In the shot from earlier this season, Vincent chats up on of the strippers at the event, conversing about his nerves.

married at first sight season 12 reunion

(Credit: Lifetime)

“Can we move on?” Vincent asks Kevin, embarrassed for his past actions that were relatively harmless to begin with. And while Vincent cringes over the look back, other participants have a different outlook on the fan reactions they’ve encountered since the season began airing.

Jacob for instance has a lot of fun reading comments online, “Tim Tebow on meth,” was a favorite according to him. See what the other couples are saying about social media and fan attention in the clip, above, and don’t miss the second half of the Season 12 finale on Lifetime.

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