The Originals: (Fake) Blood, Knife Fights and Murder Behind the Scenes (PHOTOS)

Nerina Rammairone

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“Even though Klaus is frequently displayed with seemingly random Pollock-like splatters of blood across his face, each and every drop is actually artfully applied by makeup artist Elisabeth Fry,” says Morgan.

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“What may surprise you is that we were supposed to passionately kiss at the conclusion of this skirmish in ‘City Beneath the Sea’…which we did with great zeal,” deadpans Daniel Gillies, who plays Klaus’s big brother, Elijah (right, with guest star Nathan Parsons). “Nathan’s only complaint? I smelled too good. But ultimately, in the interest of time, the make-out scene—complete with a singing and breakdancing sequence—was cut.”

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“This is just one of the many times Klaus attempted to kill his father,” says Morgan (with stake) of filming “Red Door.” “It was a very physically tough day on set for [guest star] Sebastian Roché and me, but as always, when you’re working with your mates, you get each other through it.”

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Charles Michael Davis, who plays Klaus’s adopted son and former protégé, Marcel, says this scene from “Rebirth” was a memorable one. “A sprinkler system, fake arm, knife fight, and special choreography were all involved,” he recalls. “The actors were great to work with, and we were even able to catch a funny moment post–arm rip.”

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“Daniel is an incredible actor but also a real pain to do scenes with,” says Phoebe Tonkin, who plays werewolf-vampire hybrid (and new mama) Hayley. “He’s constantly making me laugh!” Adds Morgan (far left, with Claire Holt, Tonkin, and Gillies): “Random but true: Elijah’s watch in this scene was actually worn by Adam Sandler during the filming of CLICK.”

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By Nerina Rammairone

Season 2 saw Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and the gang battle the wolves for control of New Orleans and the witches for control of baby Hope’s destiny—all of which led to some bloody good fun on set for the cast.

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