American Crime Story: The Tweeters v. O.J. Simpson

Damian Holbrook
American Crime Story OJ Simpson Ray Mickshaw/FX

FX opened the book on American Crime Story last night with the first chapter of The People v. O.J. Simpson and with its star-studded cast, still-topical case and our insatiable hunger for true-crime drama. Of course, the Internet was all abuzz, so we rounded up some of the most scintillating tweets.

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Mostly, people were excited.

But then they became disturbed.

Some actually remembered the original case.

And some misremembered it, as well.

A few viewers learned things.

While some had strong feelings about the casting.

As well as strong feelings about the styling.

Others got a bit truth-y.

Some just plain scared us.

Like, really scared us.

And even though we were only one episode in, viewers became judge and jury.

What did you think?

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