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Annie “Rebel” Bello fights for the causes she believes in and the people she loves.

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Matt Roush Says...

Here’s a new rebel yell: “Do the right thing quietly before I get awfully loud.” So quips Annie “Rebel” Bello, the latest memorable character in the arsenal of the versatile Katey Sagal. From bawdy Peg Bundy on Married with Children to the Lady Macbeth of bikers on Sons of Anarchy and most recently as Dan’s rocker girlfriend on The Conners, Sagal has range and infinite appeal. Which comes in handy in her earnest new project, inspired by the life of executive producer Erin Brockovich (a role that did very nicely for Julia Roberts back in the day). Rebel is a slinky, sneaky advocate for the underdog, unafraid to take on corporate giants in her quest for justice, a crusade that often involves members of her long-suffering but secretly admiring family. “She’s energized by injustice,” her lawyer daughter remarks. And if that energy has made her personal life a mess, that’s par for the TV course.

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