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Two young women who work together at the Shotz Brewery tackle life on their own with a group of friends in 1950s Milwaukee.

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1976–1983 Series 8 Seasons183 Episodes

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Friday, May 24

Death Row

Season 8 • Episode 7

Laverne, facing the death penalty, hopes for a pardon from the governor.

Monday, May 27


Season 8 • Episode 8

When Laverne is convinced that she is jinxed, her friends send a Gypsy to help her.

Tuesday, May 28

Of Mice and Men

Season 8 • Episode 9

Laverne's plan to restore her boyfriend's self-confidence backfires.

Wednesday, May 29

The Gymnast Show

Season 8 • Episode 10

Laverne is convinced that the former trapeze artist she's been dating is out to kill her.

Thursday, May 30

The Monastery Show

Season 8 • Episode 11

Laverne visits a convent to contemplate her sins and discovers the nuns have taken a vow of silence.

Friday, May 31

Defective Ballet

Season 8 • Episode 12

Laverne joins a dance troupe to rescue Squiggy, who is being held captive by KGB men.

Monday, June 3

The Baby Show

Season 8 • Episode 13

Laverne pretends to be pregnant in order to win prizes in a contest for mothers-to-be.

Tuesday, June 4

The Rock and Roll Show

Season 8 • Episode 14

Squiggy books Laverne's group of classical musicians for a rock concert.

Wednesday, June 5

The Fashion Show

Season 8 • Episode 15

While spying on her photographer boyfriend, Laverne is mistaken for a model at a fashion show.

Thursday, June 6

Short on Time

Season 8 • Episode 16

Laverne gets the chance to sing with the Spinners and asks her dad to watch Little Chucky.

Friday, June 7

The Ghost Story

Season 8 • Episode 17

Laverne and the gang hold a seance to rid her apartment of a ghost that has taken up residence.

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